Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ada Liz looked so cute yesterday I had to take some photos of her.

She and I went to Weight Watchers, and then we went to the fabric store.

My friend Mary saw the bag I was making for the tote bag swap and wanted one.

So I told her that if we went to go get fabric for her I would make her one. She was excited.

The fabric above is what she picked out. I think it is going to be really cool.

I tried to talk her into this stuff, but she liked the other better and I could not let it go so.... I added 2 pieces of fabric to my collection. I am thinking little bag. Way cute, but I am also trying not not not not (I am having trouble all ready) to think to much about it as I have tons of other projects to do first.... right? ... I should do them first... right?... OK I will;)


~ANG said...

Love the Chinese fabrics. The umbrellas are my fav! You'll have to post a picture of the finished product...after you finish all of your other projects, of course :)

Zoë said...

I will try and keep my hands off of it. I will also post some photos when I get it done.

Stephanie said...

That second photo is amazing. I love Mary's fabric choices. (yours, too.)

mr said...

Could you send me a full sized version of Ada #2, and one of Elijah for my work computer?