Monday, April 18, 2011

Can't stop Making them!

Kari stopped by this weekend to show me how to make these cute little birds, and I been making them like crazy. She found the pattern and idea over at Myrtle & Eunice (go check out her birds after you look at mine;)

Here are mine:

Oh and Kari also let me have this pussy willow branch and a bunch of felt for the birds (she really is a great friend right????)

I got all my birds in a row (hehehehehehe).  I love my little oriole.

All of birds will one day have these cute little feet, but right now I am just making the birds and will work on the legs later (that is the hardest part).

Have a nice day.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I love it.  It feels so go to have less weight on my head.  Also I did not do anything with it today (not even any product) so I am hoping that it will look even better tomorrow when I pay some attention to it:)

On to other news I have a yummy flat bread in the oven for dinner.  I am using this recipe and it is GREAT and EASY (2 things that are a must).  Now I just need to find something to do with the new potatoes I have.

Walking (laughing, giggling, running, jumping)....


We have had walking phenomena before in the family now our little one has it.  I brought her in for a finger that was hurting her , which they said was fine.  As we where about to leave I asked the doc to listen to her lungs..... and yep they sounded yucky.  Oh well at least she did not wake up screaming (she did still wake up at 4:30, but not screaming:)

Have a nice day... I am off to get my hair cut (whack it off, photos later).

Friday, April 8, 2011

I am getting better.......


As many of you know my son has a egg allergy (along with others).  For most of the last 7 years we have been an egg-free house. In fact during that time you might say that I kinda was afraid of having eggs anywhere near my son (it was the one thing that he eat that resulted in my using an epi-pen). In the last 6 months his allergy has gotten better so we have started adding eggs back into our house.  Well today I made my first hard-boiled eggs in ...... well it might be 7 years.  

They are nice looking eggs yes?  They are sitting on a napkin that I made over the weekend (I think I might have to go out and get more of that fabric, it is a cute line and I LOVE IT ALLLLLLLL).

*OK so I did wash my hands at least a dozen times while I was cooking the eggs and the pot is in the dishwasher so maybe I have not completely gotten over my fear of eggs:)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not kidding this is what the Doctor said

So I had to take Ada into the doc because she has been coughing up a storm.  While we where there I mentioned to him (not our normal doc, but one I like) that she has been walking up at night screaming because she is scared.

Doc: Are you scared of monsters?
Doc: Because you know that you can spray monster spray to get rid of the monsters. (then turning to me he says:) Its just a spray bottle with water in it.
Me: (smile) OK

Great now she is going to be waking up screaming about monsters and she will know that the "monster spray" is just water and will not NOTHING.

hummmmmm wonder when the next time he is on call in the middle of the night.... might have to find out, call, and let him hear her screaming. (smile)

BTW she just had a cold so the visit was all for not and we may have made a problem bigger.

Day Eight

Just a wonderful street photo in Roma.


Market Photos

Sorry if this makes you hungery.

Yummy Veggies

You know you are in an Italian market when you see boxes of sun dried tomatoes.

Everything you need to make coffee.


More cherry blossoms.


My sweet parents.

More wonderful buildings.

I just can not imagen how long it takes to get all that paint off their faces.

Cute pink Smart car (I want one of these.... where could I put the car seats????? hummm maybe I need to think about this one.)

Sorry about the bad photo of my mom, but I just had to have a photo of one of these cute trucks.  (I think I saw one at ToysRUs the other day;)

I did not do anything to the color of this photo... the light was just like that.  This is the view out of the window of our apartment.

Day Seven

My dad got to Roma on a rainy day and we took him out to walk around.  I love this photo of the umbrellas.

He did not think he could walk far, but I got him all the way to the Pantheon (can you tell that I love that place?)

This is what I want when I am their age.  Are they not the cutest couple you have ever seen?

We have come a long way from:

This kinda makes me sad a little bit .... thinking that one day my babies will be big like my sister and I are now:(  (maybe I will try to stop feeding them again.... it did not work last time, but who knows maybe this time.....;)

BTW I wanted to get a purse while I was in Roma... you know a nice leather one. But the last thing my husband reminded me about before I left was how Mr Walker was giving us a pay cut.  So I was trying to be good (and I think I did a good job).  But I could not pass up this purse.  It was super cute and ..... well super cute.  If you find you MUST have one like it you do not have to travel to Roma to get it, it came from H&M.  That is right I went 1/2 way around the world to buy a purse that I could have got a the mall... oh well it is still cute, right?

Oh while we where there Italy was celebrating 150 years of Unification.

Just because

I cut her hair yesterday and I think that she looks SOOO GROWN UP!  It is kinda killing me.  (Dad do not yell at me for cutting her hair...please

Sorry that the photo looks so funny, it does not look like that in iPhoto not sure why it looks bad now.... maybe I will try and fix that later... maybe it will just fix its self:)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day Six

It was a rainy day so we (like most of the tourist in Roma that day) decided go to Vatican City.  There was a long line, but it moved SOOO fast.

A wonderful Michelangelo (I love Michelangelo).

This guy needs some work done.(heehehhehh)  All kidding aside this is one of the statues that Michelangelo used as inspiration.

Wonderful floor and purple marble basin (this thing is HUGE).

Another wonderful ceiling.

I want to figure out how to make this cool shapes in a quilt.

Just Mom and Me.

Not sure why you are seeing this, but I like it so I guess you just have to deal with it:)