Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elijah jokes

E: what kinda bug wears a red dress?
Z: A lady bug

E: What do you hear when cows sing?
Z: What?
E: Mooooousic

E: What do aliens put their tea cups on?
Z: What?
E: Flying saucers

Z: Elijah and Ada where walking down the street.  Elijah says to Ada " I know a guy with a wooden leg named Mr Smith" and Ada says "whats his other leg called?"

E: What kind of animal hits well?
Z: I do not know.
E: A bat.

This comedy break was brought to you by a 6 year old.  Ada does have an ear infection and the Ped said " it looks bad, if it starts to bleed do not worry that is OK." nothing like a doc telling you not to stress when your daughter's ear is bleeding to make your day:)  Oh and I got to the airport with about 20 mins to spare to get my MIL.

Have a nice day.

Please tell me why.......

When they do not HAVE to get up for school they are up at 5:30?  I have a little cough and I got both the flu shot and the pneumonia shot (man that last one made my arm swell up like a bee sting!!!! and it hurts!!!  and the flu shot gave me a little fever!!! nough whining sorry) this week so I was SOOOOOOOO looking forward to having a couple of days to sleep in while the kids did not have school.

Well Ada was up and down crying since (well I do not know when as Mark went in to get her) she just kept crying and would not/ could not tell us what was wrong.  Finally I convinced her that if she told me I might be able to help. Low and behold she tells me her ear hurts.  Some Tylenol later she is back to sleep and I am on my way.... but what is making that noise???? NO it can not be..... Yep it is .... Elijah is up...... Seriously????????? No more sleep for me I am up ready for the day and waiting for 8 so I can call the doc, Ada is still sleeping and Elijah is in the shower.  Oh and my MIL comes today, we are so happy that she can come for a long stay this time, but I am not sure if I will be able to get her at the airport..... Man I wish I could be at 2 places at once:)

Hope you are all sleeping.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Naps ROCK!

Just thought you should no that, and they are even better when a little girl takes one with you.
The street outside of "my" Starbucks has been under VERY heavy constrution ALL summer.... it is looking like it will be done soon..... I hope.  (BTW to get to "my" Starbucks I have to drive ~ 5-10 mins out of my way, because you can not cross traffic at that spot... but do not tell anyone that OK). So when I saw this sign at the drive through today I had to laugh

They say that WI has 2 seasons
Winter and Constrution
Bet you have never been so glad to see winter come!:)

Well it looks like the warm weather has finally left (bummer) and fall is in full swing here (it was in the low 40s when I got up today).  Now I am someone who LOVES summer (I am cold all the time, even in summer these days..... I am blaming the nasty thing that is invading my body these days  autoimmune for that) so the coming of winter is NEVER something that I want to hurry up, but this year I just want to get it on with (the quicker we get it here the faster it is over and spring will be here right; Mark finally let me turn the heat on so now I am kinda warm sometimes:).  So anyway I am getting used to idea that winter is right around the  corner and I am starting to live with it, I mean it is just life right???? But today I have to say that I was not happy with the fact that it was chilly out because when I went to take Ada to school today the gas light was on!!!! (Someone that I will not name, drove the car last night and did not see that the tank was almost empty (mind you I did use up all the rest of the gas) and brought the car back with the light on (OK it might not have been on last night).  So today I had to except that fall was on the way AND I had to pump gas (I do not like to pump gas when it is cold..... OK I do not like to pump gas EVER but I REALLY do not like to do it when it is cold.)

Note it is not at all "Someones" fault that car had no gas, I was just grumpy that is all.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

She is getting to smart for me;)

Funny things Ada said in the past couple of days:

We went to the library and I let her pick out a movie. 

A:  Can we watch this when we get home?
Z: Maybe
A: (how can I get my way????)  Do you think this is a bad movie?
Z: I do not think so. (I am never sure after they where scared by Hello Kitty!)
A: How about we test it to see if it is a bad movie.
Z:  And how would we do that? (giggle)
A: We could watch the whole movie and find out!

Boy she thinks she is smart..... OK she is smart, but maybe not as smart as me..... yet;)

After I picked her up from school the other day:

A: I hurt "Lisa" on the playground today, it was an accident.
Z: Was Lisa OK?
A: Yes..... she was at the bottom of the slide and I came down knocked her down. My teacher took me aside and talked to me for a couple of mins.
Z: Did you get into trouble?
A: NO (with a cute look on her face) I DID NOT EVEN GET A CALL HOME!!!!!
Z: (giggle)
A: ( in a little voice) Lisa hurts me all the time.
Z: You know it is not OK to hurt someone just because they hurt you, right?
A: Why?.... it WAS an accident! ....... But she does hurt me all the time.

So you think she saw an opportunity and took it or do you think it really was just an accident?

One last note, we still do have 2 kids and I know that I have not been writing about Elijah much these days.  I will get back to it, but he has been so good and busy lately that I have not had much to write.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Puzzle Girl

Ada has REALLY gotten into puzzles lately so today I decided that we should do one of my favorite puzzles. My mom got this puzzle for Elijah when he was a little younger then Ada is now and we had many hours of fun with it.  Mark, Elijah and I would sit and do it together.  Thanks again Mom for a wonderful gift and hours of fun!

 Here are Piggy and Rabbit helping push the pieces in.

 Sweet girl and a puzzle.

Hope all your puzzle pieces fall into place today.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Where did this girl come from?

So our daughter has taken to sleeping on the floor.  She has been at it for over a month (maybe 2 not sure).  At first I thought it was because she fell out of bed a couple of times and was scared to sleep in the bed, but as time went on I found out that and I quote here "it goes down to much".  I think that she means that it is to soft.  Now I have to tell you that I can not imagine a bed that was to soft.  I mean really!!!! But that is what she says.

So we have been putting her blankets on the floor and making a comfy nest for her there.  I have to say that I was getting a little sick of it, always having blankets on the floor, always having to make her bed every night (do not get me wrong she was a big help and always wanted to help with it, but still!!!).  So today I decided it was time to fix the problem.  She has a bed that has a big drawer under it (this I am sure is made for another bed, but we have made it into a toy bin) and today we turned it into a bed. So now we can push it in every day and pull it out every night. 

She is VERY excited to sleep in it tonight (not so excited that she wanted to take a nap in it;).  Here it is:

 This is just some of the stuff that was in the drawer.... I am sure that most of it will make its way into her new bed soon:)

Can you guess what her favorite color is?????

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cider pressing

 This weekend we took the kids to a friends house and helped/watched as they where pressing apple cider.  It was fun and the kids loved it.

Not sure what this look is about.

They really got into this part where you get to put the apples in while the grinder is going.

Just a photo of the girl in the orchard.  We got to take home 2 gallons of cider... we have less then a quarter of one gallon left..... it was YUMMY!!!!!

In case you could not guess that is where the new header photo is from.

Coffe shop and knitting

I have no photos or stories, I just wanted to brag about the fact that I was in a coffe shop knitting:) What are you doing today?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Quilting Weekend (bet you thought I forgot about that;)

 Here is my bed quilt.  I need to add borders (big and a couple of them), but for right now it is at this point.  I love the way it has come out so far.

 I found this as a charm pack at a quilt store on the way to the weekend and I could not put it down!  I got 2 of them and I think that I am going to have to get more of one or two of the colors to make a border.  I LOVE these prints!

These two photos are of a quilt that I started 3 years ago, stopped, lost the pattern and then let sit in my craft stuff since.  I love the fabric and decided that I could make it work someway or another.  BTW Kari also bought this fabric and was going to make the same thing, but when I lost the pattern she was stuck without it (she made something else out of the fabric....) sorry again Kari).

 I decided that this might be a nice quilt for Ada so now I just have to make it bigger (about 20 in on each side hahahahah that should be easy with 3 year old fabric that I can not get any more, right?)  I also need to make it more pink.  I just added this fabric (5 in border) to it and it looks super cute and pinker already:)

Lastly My friend Maria was a a sale and got me this tree fabric (sight unseen) and I had to make a cute runner out of it.  I had the other colors with me (just got them because I needed them.... and I guess I was right:)

Over all it was a great weekend and I got a lot done.  I also started some cute pillows for Halloween that I now have 2 of the 3 done photos later... when I find the camera and the cord and the pillow all at the same time.... do not hold your breath;).

Ada at work.