Monday, February 28, 2011

Cute Monster Tooth Pillow

I saw this over at The Long Thread and fell in LOVE with it.  I knew that I was going to make one for my 7 1/2 year old who has yet to loose ANY teeth (but he does have a couple of loose ones.... he was also almost 1 before he got any teeth so we are not surprised).  I was at my friend Kari's house last week and picked up the background fabric from "fabric shop Kari" (she has the BEST prices for friends and a nice selection (not to say that she any more then most quilters, or me it just sounded fun to say)).  Any way are you sick of hearing me talk about it and not showing you?  Well I will try and load the photo now (cross your fingers.... remember what happened on Friday when you didn't????)))).

Good job it worked (thanks for the crossing them this time;)  Elijah loves it and told me that he can sleep with it.  It was SOOOOOO easy to make (only took me about 1/2 hour to make maybe not even that long... the hardest part was cutting the teeth and that was so not hard.)

Anyway if you would like to make one hop on over to The Long Thread pick up the tutorial.

It works!!!!

 Finally!  I tried all weekend and could not get photos to work, but today it worked so here they are:

This is Elijah reading to Ada.  I love how in the last year that his reading has just taken off.  So fun to watch. (Oh and he insisted that I use this photo and not the one without the Sports Illustrated in it)

And here is Ada trying to make Elijah feel better.  I love the way she just put her arm around him.

Happy Monday.

Friday, February 25, 2011

My loves

OK this bums me out.  I have 2 very cute photos that I REALLY wanted to share with you, and BLOGGER does not want to help me!!!! Oh well I never have this trouble and I do read (on one of the hum 10 (ok maybe the number is more like 58 but that number makes me sound like all I do is read blogs all day, like I would let my kids feed themselvies bread and water for b-fast, like I would let them watch tv so that I could read blogs, like I would ... (sorry got carried away there)) that other bloggers (do you remember how this sentence started?  it is kinda long right:) have trouble with loading photos (see I did get back to what I was saying, now I am going to end the longest sentence in the world).

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to load them.  We had ANOTHER day off today (this one was planned before all the sick-outs).  We went to Target with our neighbor and her 2 kids (1.5 and 6 weeks) then out to eat. ( Man that does not sound as fun as it was.) Now we are hanging out until we head to a friends house for a fun playdate/craftdate/movienight/laughingnight/timeseefriendswehavenotseeninalongtimenight. (can you read that last one?  Know we know why spaces are so important (a little learning so that you did not feel bad if you have been spending the last couple of hours hum mins reading blogs).

OK I am going to try the photos one more time cross your fingers.

Guess your finger crossing was not enough (or maybe you did not do it..... )anyway as you can see I did not get it to work.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

YouTube finds

Here are a couple things I found on YouTube that I liked.

This is so pretty.

How cute is this?

How sweet would this be if they could just get over themselves.

I just really like David and this makes me smile every time (the kids make me play it over and over) love the Elvis at the end. (I loved Kenny as a kid)

And while we are on David I might as well throw this one in, just because. (you might not find it funny if you are not a Dr Who fan.)


Slow day

I had a ruff night last night, so today I was slow moving.  So Ada brought the tea party to me.  She is so sweet, yes?

There was lots of friends, tea, and giggling (just what one needs when they are feeling not so good.)

She even when down stairs to get the camera from Dad so that we could get photos for the blog.  (thankfully Mark is working at home today so Ada got to eat b-fast and lunch;) Oh and this is Ada's favorite of all the photos because it has piggies foot and arm in it.

Because even when you are not feeling well a good tickle and a bunch of friends can always make you feel better.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well Elijah is back at school today (insert happy dance here).  He is happy, I am happy the only unhappy one is Ada (she liked having "brother" around, but she will get over it.... like when she is a teenager..... eeeek did I just say teenager.... do not think about it , do not think about it, do not think about it!!!!!)

Yesterday we went to the play Ferdinand the Bull, and it was fun.  Both kids like it very much.  After the play we went and helped form a circle of people holding hands around the capital. Wicked cool. We left after Ada started saying that her toes where hurting (we stopped at Starbucks to make sure that her toes where the right color and not getting frostbit.... and while we where there anyway we did partake in some tasty stuff (all for the name of pink toes you know:))  Then we took the bus back home ( I did not want to drive downtown and try and find a space to park when the bus would let me off RIGHT by where we where going).

Now are you wandering about the photo?  Last night I was really in the mood for some spinach and not the raw stuff (I do not like the raw stuff) so I added it to the pasta sauce that I was making and it was YUMMY.  Everyone liked it.  I also made steamed/boiled carrots and they where SOOOOOO good (we had to make Elijah eat his pasta before we let he have more, man I never thought I would say no to veggies, but I did want him to eat something to fill him up also).

Hope you are having a nice Tuesday.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy week.

E has been off of school since I last posted and is off again today.  They say that he is going back tomorrow and we are all crossing our fingers.  Elijah really misses being in school. (BTW we will NOT be home schooling anytime soon.  I do not know how people do it, but I have a TON of respect for them.)  That said we have been having fun this last week.  Lots of play dates, sleeping in, and a big trip to the windy city.

The trip down to Chicago was great.  We  left around 7ish (we where ready at 7, but Brian and the boys where in so much shock that we where ready that it took them 15 mins to get over it:) and ate on the road (we found out that Elijah likes McDonald's sausage breakfast sandwiches (without the egg of course) and that Ada will scream if there is cheese on her sandwich:).  We drove through down town and Elijah was amazed by how big the buildings where.  I remember being like that when I would go and visit my Grandparents after living all my life in a small town.

The Field museum was fun and the kids loved it.  After the museum we went to IKEA and I found out that I do not have to spend TONS of money in that store (less then 20$!!!!!) Then back home by 9:30ish.  Some things that I should have done, but did not:

  • remember my camera ( lots of photos in my brain and will download them as soon as I can find the right cord, it might look something like this.)
  • remember to bring extra outfits for the 3 year old who sometimes has trouble making it to the potty on time (what was I thinking????)  I guess I was thinking that she would be fine and not have one problem going to the potty EVERY time I ask and not throwing one fit!!!!!! Great job little girl.
  • remember to bring extra shirts for the boy as he tends to get car sick. (luckily he told us and we got him out of the car (about 100 yards away from LegoLand which we did NOT go in even thought I tried to get us to) and his tummy settled down.)
  • not to show up early because it will throw Brian off and he will forget all the lunch stuff that he made for us (including the Cokes.... we got more... all was ok).
Over all it was a great trip and the best part was that I was ok the whole day and pretty good the rest of the weekend.

Well sorry there are not photos and just lots of talk, but I needed to get it all out of my head.  Hope you all are having good weeks.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Picnic inside last week when it was COLD COLD COLD.  Now it is BALMY (it is in the 30's
.... no really that is balmy.... really).  I love the way that Ada is feeding Piggy also, she is a very caring "big sister" :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend, Photo Review

Ada and I painted this cute little bird house.  She wanted to make sure that the inside was done as well.

V-day card making.

Got the top on my sisters quilt done.  I love it, now I just need to quilt it:)

Happy Valentines day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

No computer/ no photos

Our computer was acting funny today so I am blogging on my i-pod. Not sure how long I can do this! Ada and I just had our lunch picnic style. For some reason the thought of sitting at the table really go me sleepy, so we eat on the floor. ( in the only sunny spot). Guess I really do not have a lot to say and Ada wants me to read to her so I will go. I do have phones of the picnic and will show you as soon as our computer is felling better ( it thought the year was 2000) Stay warm ( it was -10 when the guys walked to school today.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Good ---- My sister liked the quilt that I thought she would like
Bad ---- I was starting to really love the quilt and wanting it::)))
Good ---- Elijah has 2 wiggly teeth
Bad ---- Elijah is going to loose his baby teeth!!!!! (insert big mommy sad face here)

Overall the good things far out way the bad and that is GOOD.

Also just thought I would share this photo from the last time I was seen by a doctor:

The good news is I was OK.

Have a nice day.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines day dreams

Here is are a couple of things from the web that I would love to get on Valentines day:

How could you go wrong with this?  (OK you could do it with fabric also if that was your thing:)
Would you not love to have someone make you a cake and then to cut into it and find this?

Here are 2 of my favorite valentines being silly:

BTW that is how miss Ada got dressed for bed the other night.

New Quilt

I started working on a new quilt for my sister.  I wanted a lap quilt that would keep her warm while watching TV, or working on the computer.  I had a tuff time finding colors that I thought she would like and that I would like working on (we are VERY different in color choices.... me pink... her ANYTHING but pink;) Anyway I started on and found that I did not like it for her.

Here is a photo of the first try:

This felt to pink to me. Maybe I am wrong.... Maybe my sister will tell me:)

Anyway I went ahead and made this:  (it needs borders and all that)

I LOVE the way this come out, but now I am wondering if this is her colors.... maybe my sister will let me know (hint hint hint!!!)

Anyway for all those quilters out there (all 4 of you:) I made these using this method and let me tell you it works and works REALLY WELL.  I am not the most accurate quilter in the world.  Most of the time I do not mind, but in this case it would have REALLY bugged me if all those points where not pointed.  But with this method it was really easy to make them pointed.  Note I did make sure that all four pieces from the same square stayed together so that if there was a mistake it was carried through and there for would be fixed. Also I did not use a charm pack as I could not find one that I like for my sister, I just cut 6 in squares.  I fat quarters (4, but I wish I had used 2 of each color... would have made it much bigger)for the colored blocks and got 9 blocks out of each fat quarter.  ( I used 1 yard of the light color).

If you want more info on how I did this just let me know and I can show you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ada singing

Here is a video from when my parents where here of Ada singing couple of songs she wrote.


So I do not really want to tell you about this giveaway, because the more people that are in it the less likely it is that I will win.  But she is one of my best friends in the world sooooo I guess I have to tell you about it.  

Hop on over to Kari's Corner to sign up for this really cool giveaway.  There is a yarn option and a fabric option (man a giveaway with options!)

Hope everyone is keeping warm (it was -4 outside our house today).

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy news

One of our neighbors is on her 2nd semester doing study abroad.  She went to Egypt for the fall semester and had a GREAT time.  She was to come back, but REALLY wanted to stay and learn more, so she came home for Christmas and then went back a couple of weeks ago. Then all the unrest started. We have been very worried about her and keeping her in our prayers these last couple of weeks, but today we learned that she is on her way back!  Let us pray that there will be peace there soon.