Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Everyone should have friends like this:

On Friday I was thinking about making a grocery list and putting the stuff for a lasagna on it. I was just REALLY wanting it. Later that day my friend Stephanie came to my house with a lasagna, bead, a pie, and this magazine. Man she ROCKS!!! Thank you Stephanie. We eat it all tonight and it was wonderful (both not having to cook and how wonderful the food was).

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sometimes Mom really does know best.

Ada was taking a bath the other day:

Z: Ada if you put that soap in your mouth it will taste bad.
A: ( What does Mommy know!) (put hand on soap and then in mouth).
Z: Ada it will make you sick do not do that again.
A: (What does Mommy know) ( doing it again.)
Z: Make sure that you do not put it in your eyes, it will hurt.
A: (What does Mommy know) (putting soap on hands and then putting it on eyelids) See it no hurt.
Z: It will if you put it in your eyes.
A: (What does Mommy know I am going to put it in my...... YELLING CRYING YELLING CRYING)
Z: (hiding the smile) Come here little girl... That hurt didn't it? Poor thing.

She is something else! :)

She is wearing the first hat I have ever made (I love the way it come out, but now it is lost and we can not find it so this might be one of the only times she got to wear it;)

So as many of you know this little girl is REALLY into pink... I mean REALLY! She screams and cries when she is out of pink socks, wants to wear the pink pants day after day after day, she sings Rudolf the pink nosed reindeer.... I could go on, but I think you get the point. The other day Mark put her in some blue jeans (that of course where .... oh the horror BLUE). When she got up from her nap and come down stairs she was in pink pants (just say yes and then do what you want then they are not looking... OH I fear for our teenage years with her). So the other day when she was in a pink sweater when I went to kiss her goodnight I was not surprised.... but what did surprise me is that she was wearing 2 pair of pants and a new (pink of course) diaper (she wears PullUps during the day and a bigger (not pink) diaper at night. She just giggled at me and let me put her back in the bigger diaper, one pair of pants and no sweater.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for so many things but here are some that made it to the top this month.

  • my parents can come for a long stay (one month)
  • we have 2 healthy, happy kids
  • Mark can go to Europe for work (which he loves to do)
  • my parents where here while Mark went
  • the hospital system here is FABULOUS
  • MRIs can spot a blood clot and that I am not just having trouble breathing because I am wildly out of shape (which I am but still...)
  • my parents are here while I am in the hospital and Mark is in Europe
  • Mark can fly back early from his trip to Europe (I am also sorry about this) early
  • the Doctors here are WONDERFUL
  • my kids are fun and make me laugh even when it is to hard for me to get up and do most things for them
  • they found the blood clot and are doing things to fix it (even if those things make me weak)
  • I am home
  • I have great friends and family
  • I have Kari who got me knitting again and now I have something to do while I am sitting around making my self strong again (I am working on my 3rd hat right now)
I am sure that there are more things to be Thankful for that I am forgetting, but that is it for right now. I hope to write more as my energy level goes up.