Sunday, August 30, 2009

Look Mom No Training Wheels!

Still not steady on the bike and the trainers may go back on, but for right now he is trying and we are HAPPY.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cute things she says

E: Ada will you help me clean the toys up?
A: I am extremely busy brother.
(this makes me laugh)

We are at a neighbors house and she has a snow suit that is red that she is going to lend to us.
Z: Ada what do you think of this snow suit?
A: I prefer pink!
Z: Is this pink? (sometimes she calls red pink)
A: NO!
(humm do you think I will be able to get her in it???? I did however get a very pink pair of snow pants for her so at least she will have something to wear in the snow..... but her top might get really cold heeehheeehee)

A: Mommy I give you a pink kiss
Z: Thank you (I am guessing that is a REALLY good kiss;)

I am going to miss this

It is 9 am and we have scones in the oven, the kids are playing, and we have plans for the day.... next week at this time it will be just Ada and me.

And because my biggest fan of this blog loves to see photos here are a couple from when we where getting our new garden put in:

I love the way she makes him laugh.

Not to worry he is only sitting in it. But he has all the gear to be safe anyway.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Projects Done Today

1. One pillow.
2. One stocking (it is not to early to be thinking about Christmas).

I did some free motion on it and I love it. I have never done free motion before.

3. Lots of playing with Thomas trains.
4. Lots of singing with the kids.
5. Two puppet shows (we had some trouble with the sound guy so we did not do more:)
6. Two blogs.

Projects not done today:
  • cleaning
  • showering
  • getting dresses (we are all still in our PJ's)
  • leaving the house (see above for reason)
  • workout (unless you count my lungs from all the singing)
Well that sums up the day for you. Have a good one.

Busy Busy Busy

We have been busy with putting in new flower beds(can't wait until spring so that we can plant them:), house stuff, playgroups, library visits, laundry, cleaning, sewing (not as much as I wish), Dr appts, walks, and yes a couple of workouts. Anyway here are some photos from our trip back East.

We took the kids miniature golfing and they could not wait to get on the green and try it out. A couple of nights before this Mark and I went here for a night without the kids and it was so much fun we decided to take the kids. Can you hear them saying "can we go yet???"

You can see how Ada played (drop the ball in the hole;). Elijah got the hang of it and had fun.

They even had this wonderful waterfall and lots of rivers in this place, lots of fun and wet balls (I think that at one point Elijah was tyring to get his ball in the water just so he could take it out with the cool ball remover thingie).

Waiting for the nice Grandfather with this 2 grandsons to go. That is the same nice Grandfather that Elijah hit 2 times with his ball.... oops. But he was good spited about it.
That is it for golf. There was lots of other fun days and maybe I will even write about them.... after school starts (sniff sniff) next week. Please forgive me if I do not post much between now and then, I am trying to fill the time with kid stuff.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

House Projects

Since we moved here to WI I have been haling (OK my friends and movers have been haling) around boxes of rocks from OR. They are cool rocks and I have never felt settled enough to let them be outside. The minute I saw this drain I knew what to do with all the rocks. And yesterday we did it. I love the way they look and can hardly wait to see them in the rain.

We are also starting a project to make a new garden. I am getting really excited about the idea of veggies and new flowers. We are having that wonderful tree removed and put a small peach tree. (the tree is going to be saved and moved, I am so happy not to have to cut down a tree that is doing well and cute.)

And here is one cute kid. OK not a house project, but still cute.

PS I did not workout today, but I did do it yesterday and I did not blog so I am counting that!

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Header

I will be changing the size of the photo later today. Sorry if it is hard to load. I have to run out to do a long list of stuff.


We had a great end of the week and weekend. On Friday we went to my friend Kari's house and spent the day. We came back with veggies from her garden, Elijah with a hair cut, 2 clean kids (they both had showers), 2 sleepy kids (they played in the pool), and I learned how to make a cool basket out of rope and fabric (photos later). Who could ask for a better friend then that???

Over the weekend I worked on a new project (no photos it is a surprise) it is so much fun. It is a free form art thing. (The best I can describe it). I am using plastic bags that I am making into fabric. It is a BLAST!

Here are a couple quick photos from the trip, stories to follow... sometime;)

PS. I did workout yesterday and today.

Quite Monument

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We are back!

Bet you where wondering where I was. For some reason that I do not remember I did not tell you all that I was going to be gone for a while. (well the reason probably had something to do with packing, getting new bed for Ada, getting new sheets for Ada, making sure that we had enough meds for trip, getting new books for train ride........)

Anyway we had a great trip and I would like to fill you in on all of it, but it is quickly fading from my mind. Hopefully some of the 224 photos that are now downloading onto my computer will help me remember stuff. Seems weird that I only have 224 photos, used to be that I would take many more then at. Guess I had other things to do.

Anyway while we wait for some photos here are some things that I want to remember:

Ada Liz: Mom you are my favorite and my best. In the whole wide world. (she is the BEST little girl in the world!)

Elijah: (to my neighbor before we went on the trip, they had a welcome to the neighborhood party for us.) (pointing to his beer) How many of those do you drink a day???
(this made my neighbor laugh very much, Elijah just wanted the tab from the can and was hoping for lots of them;)

Here is something I heard Elijah tell someone, I think a new neighbor.
Elijah: My Mom started having nightmares after she married my Dad. (he over heard me tell a friend that I started having "I have to much stuff" dreams after I started living with Mark.)

Well still 52 more photos to download so I am going to sign off now and let you see photos later.

PS: I did not workout today so I will have to do a workout tomorrow before I can show you photos.