Friday, August 28, 2009

Cute things she says

E: Ada will you help me clean the toys up?
A: I am extremely busy brother.
(this makes me laugh)

We are at a neighbors house and she has a snow suit that is red that she is going to lend to us.
Z: Ada what do you think of this snow suit?
A: I prefer pink!
Z: Is this pink? (sometimes she calls red pink)
A: NO!
(humm do you think I will be able to get her in it???? I did however get a very pink pair of snow pants for her so at least she will have something to wear in the snow..... but her top might get really cold heeehheeehee)

A: Mommy I give you a pink kiss
Z: Thank you (I am guessing that is a REALLY good kiss;)

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