Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

We have been busy with putting in new flower beds(can't wait until spring so that we can plant them:), house stuff, playgroups, library visits, laundry, cleaning, sewing (not as much as I wish), Dr appts, walks, and yes a couple of workouts. Anyway here are some photos from our trip back East.

We took the kids miniature golfing and they could not wait to get on the green and try it out. A couple of nights before this Mark and I went here for a night without the kids and it was so much fun we decided to take the kids. Can you hear them saying "can we go yet???"

You can see how Ada played (drop the ball in the hole;). Elijah got the hang of it and had fun.

They even had this wonderful waterfall and lots of rivers in this place, lots of fun and wet balls (I think that at one point Elijah was tyring to get his ball in the water just so he could take it out with the cool ball remover thingie).

Waiting for the nice Grandfather with this 2 grandsons to go. That is the same nice Grandfather that Elijah hit 2 times with his ball.... oops. But he was good spited about it.
That is it for golf. There was lots of other fun days and maybe I will even write about them.... after school starts (sniff sniff) next week. Please forgive me if I do not post much between now and then, I am trying to fill the time with kid stuff.

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