Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Tree

Ada went over to my neighbors house yesterday and made this SUPER CUTE tree for our Christmas tree (too big for the Advent Calendar).  My neighbor might have the BEST Nanny in the world (just saying).

Cute right.  The Nanny (lets call her S because I can not say the Nanny without seeing this) found this idea on Pinterest, but I am not sure where or I would link to it. Happy Hump day.  (does anyone use that term anymore?, am I dating my self?)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Yesterday Ada and I had a great day yesterday.  We started the day at a brand new Starbucks!  (I may or may not have peed my pants a little bit with excitement when I saw that this Starbucks was coming to my area;) Boy does my baby love her some Starbucks (and I might think it is OK also:).

Next we went to JoAnns to get a rod to hang my the Advent Calendar and ribbon.  It looks so good hanging on the wall (even if the rod needs to be trimmed a little bit (and maybe even painted) but these things have a year to get done. The best part of this trip was that I only spent only 5 bucks!!! (that might be a new world record for all crafters me.

Then off to the library where we saw 3 sets of friends that we did not know where going to be there.  Gotta love the library.

OK so it does not sound like a great fun time, but we loved it.

Right now E is learning Jingle Bells in the background right now. Man I love Christmas time.  Ada just got done having tea party in her room all by herself.  That is why I have had time to blog.  Now off to the rest of the day.

See you tomorrow (cross fingers).

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Well unless you are talking about the ornaments:)

Well here it is:

I LOVE the way it came out, numbers and all (but I am glad that I do not have to do more numbers).

Like I said before I made it from Make It Do (from this pattern).  I did change the pattern a bit (no laughing friends).  First I made the pockets bigger (they where 2.5 in in the pattern and I wanted them 3.5 to give me more room for ornaments) and of course I did not read how she did it all the way through so I ended up fudging making it look wonderful at the end. But all and all I think it came out GREAT.  Oh and it was done on Saturday so just in time for Advent to start (next time I might wait a little longer so that I can cut it even closer (grin).

So this is how it works, everyday you (being the kids) reach into the pocket and take out an ornament to put on the tree*.  On Christmas Eve the tree will be decorated.  I love this idea for many reasons, mostly because I do not have think about what I would put in EVERY single on of those pockets.  So now on to filling the pockets with ornaments**.  I am asking my crafty friends to make me one*** ornament, that way I will have a tree that is filled with wonderful handmade ornaments that will always remind me of all my friends (how about that for adding to the holiday spirit!)

*For this year since there are more then 24 days of Advent I just put more ornaments in the first pocket.

**For this year I am just using gift tags that I got at Target. (I would never expect anyone to make me an ornament in December!  Man I know that we all have a million things to make for our own families:)

***If I have not asked you yet this is because A. I have not had the time or seen you or B. I do not know that you would/could make one.  But of course if you want to make one feel free:) 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shhhh do not tell anyone

We have Christmas music on. :) and I am LOVING IT!

Got the Advent Calendar mostly done. (just snowflakes and backing left to do).

Happy Saturday.

E is up stairs working on this (man I love free stuff on the internet) and A is doing (well I do not know what she is doing, but she is happy and not hanging on me:)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

The rest of my family (and some neighbors) are out in the yard playing football.  (it is 41 out there and that is why I am in here tending the turkey and making cranberry sauce. ) I am also working on an Advent Calender for this year.  I am using this pattern with slight changes (as anyone who knows my crafting ways they know that I can NOT do a pattern the way it is written that would be way to easy:).    I am sewing the numbers on by hand (Nuts right?), do you have any idea how many numbers there are between 1 and 24?  While we where at the pool the other day (Ada had swim lessons) Elijah and I had this conversation:

Z: I think there should only be 8 days in Advent:)
E: No mom that would not be OK.
Z: But then Christmas would come faster you would only have to wait 8 days from the beginning of Advent:)
E: No mom you have to sew all the number on.
Z: (Oh Man!)

Here is how far I am so far:

Yep 6 is done but 7 is not...... I have tons of time right I mean Advent does not start until Sunday that's like ....... 3 whole days away.  Man I hope I get it done.  More photos when it is done (on Sunday right?:)

Hope you all are having a great day with family and friends.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am still here. Just getting used to new drugs, Ada being at school, more kids activities and ..... well life I guess.  Here is a photo from A's last dance class.  Man she does love her some dance!!!

Couple of cute things that she said lately:

(upon us leaving in the car one day)
A: Looks like P is watching Elmo (P is our neighbor and there window is right across from our driveway)
Z: (being silly)How do you know it is not S or B (P's parents) watching?
A: Because S and B watch adult movies.
Z: (don't laugh too hard, don't laugh too hard) OK must be P.

A: At first I did not know if my swim teacher was a boy or a girl
Z:  You know that you can just look at the suit they are wearing and if it covers up here (pointing to the top 1/2 of my body) then you know it is a girl.
A: I know but I was looking them in the eye not down there!
(smart girl, hope my boy gets that gene also)

(at dinner table after teacher conferences)
Z: (to A) Your teacher says she would like to see you play more with your class mates.
Z: (to E)  Your teacher says she would like to see you play less with your class mates.
(kinda sums up our kids:)

That is all for now for A.  Elijah is still loving his french horn and things are starting to really sound like songs when he plays them!  It is SOOOO cool.  Today he started learning to read music (man I wish I could do that).  I know that he has lots of wonderful gifts from me and it is so nice to see some of the gifts from his Dad (like math, music, reading (there are lots more, but right now my brian is a little fried)....... all these things seem to come easy for him and I know that they where not easy for me so I am so happy to see him not having the troubles I had.)

Tata for now. (did I just say that..... man I am rusty at this blogging thing.... hope you will forgive me;)