Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

The rest of my family (and some neighbors) are out in the yard playing football.  (it is 41 out there and that is why I am in here tending the turkey and making cranberry sauce. ) I am also working on an Advent Calender for this year.  I am using this pattern with slight changes (as anyone who knows my crafting ways they know that I can NOT do a pattern the way it is written that would be way to easy:).    I am sewing the numbers on by hand (Nuts right?), do you have any idea how many numbers there are between 1 and 24?  While we where at the pool the other day (Ada had swim lessons) Elijah and I had this conversation:

Z: I think there should only be 8 days in Advent:)
E: No mom that would not be OK.
Z: But then Christmas would come faster you would only have to wait 8 days from the beginning of Advent:)
E: No mom you have to sew all the number on.
Z: (Oh Man!)

Here is how far I am so far:

Yep 6 is done but 7 is not...... I have tons of time right I mean Advent does not start until Sunday that's like ....... 3 whole days away.  Man I hope I get it done.  More photos when it is done (on Sunday right?:)

Hope you all are having a great day with family and friends.

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