Friday, January 30, 2009

This Made Me Teary

They are both getting so big!

25 Random Things About Me

I got tagged on facebook and thought that I might as well put it all here as well.

1. I got tagged by at least 3 people and did not do this yet because I did not know how.
2. I find it hard to learn new things on the computer (like how to write a note;)
3. I meet my wonderful husband in college and have never looked back.
4. I feel complete with my family.
5. I had post postpartum depression with both my kids and am happy to be on drugs that help.
6. I love kissing my kids.
7. I am a sci-fi geek, it has taken many years to admit to this.
8. I worked with manatees when I was in college and it was tons of fun.
9. When I was a kid I lived in a house that had no running water.
10. I love running water.
11. I get a hot shower or bath everyday (even on the days when both my kids where born) and I love hot showers and baths this has a lot to do with #9.
12. When I was a kid I lived on a tidal river and thought that all rivers where tidal.
13. We did tons of camping when I was a kid (I climbed my first Mt when I was 7, you could not go above the tree line before that).
14. I love to be pampered when I am on vacation (this has a lot to do with # 13)
15. I love to talk (did they say that it had to be things you might not know?)
16. I have been sewing for years, but in the last year have really found my love for it and I have some wonder friends to thank for that... Kari and Stephanie.
17. How can we only be on 17? .... lets see .... I like to stall when I do not know what to say.
18. When I was a kid my family and I would all sleep in one room in the winter (it was the only room we kept warm)
19. I am not a good mom in the middle of the night, thank God Mark is better then I am.
20. I fell in love with my husband because of a silly thing that he did. (it only took a moment)
21. I love when my husband is silly.
22. I love to cook, but do not like to touch raw chicken.
23. I do not miss working outside the home.
24. I am happy to be with my kids all day... most days.
25. I am happy that I came up with 25 things to say about myself.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kids Craft Clean Up

I know that this would be MUCH more impressive if you could have seen what it looked like before, but just imagine about 4 times as much paper and C R A P in there. I have had this on my list of TO DO's for about 4 months now, and in the end it only took about 45 min's (with 2 kids "helping"). I am soooooo glad to have all their craft stuff cleaned up so that they can do crafts again.


At breakfast today:

Me: I can not wait to get rid of this high chair. It takes up a lot of room, but we will put it in the basement in case we need it.

Elijah: yeah what if we have another baby?

M: We are not going to have another baby!

E: Why?

M: ....Because we are not going to have another baby.

E: Can someone have 3 babies in their tummy at one time?

M: yes (maybe talk like this is why we are NOT going to have anymore kids:)

E: How many babies can you have in your tummy at one time?

M: I do not know, lets Google it. (What did mom's do before Google?)

FYI the record is 8 (but only 7 made it to birth) can you imagine 7 babies at one time??????

We have had a good weekend. I was gone all day on Saturday. My friend Kari and I went to IKEA. It was SOOOOOO much fun. Ever time a kid cried we both smiled and where happy that we did not have to deal with it. (not to say we where happy to hear a kid cry... please no mean comments about that;) I got a new dresser for my fabric and it is cool.... not all my fabric fits in it, but it does do a really good job.

Mark had a nice day with the kids (ie the kids where both good) and he did LOTS of laundry!!! I was SOOOO happy when I came home and saw that. Thank you Mark!

On Sunday we had church and working around the house (and Mark put the dresser together!). All in all a good weekend.

And just for the fun of it. Here is a photo from last week when the kids dressed me up with all their dress up stuff (Stephanie they are having tons of fun with that stuff!). Photo by Elijah.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Last night while I was tucking her into bed:

AL: Nuk
(I give her the other nuk, so now she has 2... she must have 2)
Me: Now Ada if you loss that in the night just go back to sleep OK?
AL: OK (with other nuk in mouth)
Me: (pointing to the one in her mouth) and if you loss that one just go back to sleep also, OK?
Me: OK? Ada?
(more silence then)
(It was not a very confident OK, but she did say it;)

She slept through the night... maybe I just need to tell her to:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last Night

What I wish the kids had done all night.

More what last night was like.

Up at 12:30

Up at 4:00

Up for good around 5:50.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So the photos for this post are from Elijah's Birthday... which was FOREVER ago.... but I forgot to show them, while the writing will be about today.... kinda a space time continuum thing.

So today started kinda bad.... at 3:45 when Ada-Liz woke up crying (this is the first day in weeks that I have not been woke up by my hand hurting and she woke up:) Here is what I hear:

AL: Nuk!
There was lots of crying in between all the nuk calling. She did finally fall back to sleep.

Elijah woke up at 5:15! Thank God Mark was up and feed him, but he left at 6:30 and then I had to get up. I woke up feeling icky, but not bad enough to make me stay in bed all day. (lots to do today.)

I ran us out the door at 8:15 off to school... man there was A LOT of traffic today and it took FOREVER! Of course when I need to be early.

Get him dropped off, remembered the lotion and soap for his poor hands, cookies for the freezer there (for when they have snacks someone else brings in and they do not know if they are safe for Elijah.) Forgot the cookbook that I borrowed from Vicki FOREVER ago and thought I had given back, but found on my desk when we cleaned .... can you guess that the desk needed cleaning?

Ran out of school (with Ada-Liz in my arms) to make a 9:30 doctors apt for me. (I have a small lump on my head that has been bugging me, my foot is starting to hurt again where I had a small crack in my bone about 1 1/2 years ago and my hand is starting to hurt with carpel tunnel syndrome again... oh and I was thinking it might be time to get a flu shot.)

We had 1 hour after the doctors apt until we had to pick up Elijah so Ada-Liz and I listen to the inauguration on the radio in the car. It was fun.

Then off to McDonald for a not so healthy but quick lunch. Then off to the dealer to get my side mirror fixed.

Somehow we made it through the day and it is still going well.

Now I have to go and get the kids down for naps (see how I am dreaming here napS;).

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I was at my last straw when the kids went to take a nap.

Mark: Why don't you go take a nap?
Zoe: Because I do not feel sleepy.
Mark: (looking at one of them many 1/2 done projects, that I was working on earlier (when both kids where up and it was kinda a mad house.... silly yes?))
Zoe: What I really want to do is go to a bookstore and drink a hot drink.
Mark: Well just go then.
Zoe: Bye (grabbing purse, phone, keys to car... gone in like 1 min flat)

1 1/2 later I am feeling much better. Thank you Mark for letting me go, and thank you Stephanie for the great idea!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Next Couple of Days Here.


Mostly Clear
Lo -19°F


Hi -4°F

Mostly Clear
Lo -21°F


Hi 5°F

Snow Likely Chance for Measurable Precipitation 60%
Lo 3°F

And they say that it is going to be beteween -30 & -40 tomorow with the wind chill

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Water Torture

So you would of thought that we where conducting something on the lines of human torture here today, if by chance you would have stopped by say about 15 Min's ago. The screams where horrific.... worst then when I have to clip Elijah's toenails (and that is bad). OK here goes this is why I will not make Mother-of-the-Year this year (and it is only January, I was hoping to make it a bit longer in the running)..... I made Elijah take ..... (I can not believe I am admitting this on the blog for everyone to see).... a SHOWER! Oh the meanness of it all!!! Oh the screaming!

Gotta go see if I can find a different torture for this afternoon... can't let them know whats coming.... right?

Day Update:

So after I got him going I managed to:
  • take off the car side window (trying to check the mail)
  • be the worst mom again (making him walk in the cold to the door at school)
  • not giving him more mac&cheese for lunch (there was no more)
  • I am sure I could go on, but I will stop here.
P.S. I asked Mark to stop on the way home and pick up a bottle of wine.... man I need it.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Just a really nice photo of the my family. Boy do I love everyone in this photo.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Gotta Make This!


It comes from Craft:G33k and is SOOOOO cool!!! OK maybe I am a little to into Dr Who.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I was moving very slowly today. So while I was on the sofa with my feet up Elijah was putting on a play for me. He then wanted me to be involved in the play and I had one of those brilliant moments. "OK I will be Sleeping Beauty... but do not wake me up to soon... you will want to do a lot of the play before you wake me up." There are no photos as I was "sleeping" and could not open my eyes (got yelled at if I did;) After a little bit of a "nap" I went into the toy room and he put on a puppet show for me. Nice way to spend a snowy day.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Yesterday my friend Stephanie and her kids came over to play (that is 4 kids all together). I was ready for the tree to come down and get the Christmas stuff put away. I had it mostly done when Stephanie got here. She was inspired to help me re-arrange the down stairs (GOD BLESS HER!). We move everything in the living room and toy room. It looks so GREAT now!

Once we got the TV out of this stand I was ready to put this on the curb.... I am a little tired of it, but Elijah piped up "we could do puppet shows in it" Man he is a smart 5 year old. I will be making some curtains for it soon.

At the end of the day all I wanted to do was sit down on the sofa, cuddle up with Mark and watch Dr Who (thank you again Alyssa for Netflix). So at 6:30 when we sat down to a wonderful dinner of calzones Mark says " you are going to have to eat fast so that you can make it to class" Bummer class I forgot about class (I could be sick..... no I love the class and want to go... sorta... mostly). So I chowed down on my food and left the house about 10 min's later.
I made it to class on time and had a good class. When I went to get in my car after class it was .... gone. I was fairly sure that it must of been towed and not stolen so my Pastor drove me around the neighborhood to look for it... no luck. So he drove me home (what a nice man). I called and found out where it was and we (all of us) went to pick it up today. On the way out of the house Mark asked me about why the tree was still on the front porch. I told him that we could not get the stand off of it so we did not put it on the street. The jokingly said "well today will be the day they pick up the trees" and yes he was right. So we still have a tree and all the others in the neighborhood are gone...
OK on to one good story and then I will let you get back to your life's.
Ada Liz and I where in the car today after going grocery shopping.

AL: Ada Bad Guy
Z: No Ada not bad guy
AL: Ada Bad Guy
Z: No Ada good guy
AL: NO NO NO NO Ada Bad Guy.
Z: OK Ada bad guy (heehee)

Oh the joys of having a 5 year old big brother;)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Scarf

Well I got sewing today. Mark really liked the scarves that I made so I "had" to go to the fabric store to get stuff to make one for him.... and after "having" to go to the fabric store I really HAD to get over the "not using my sewing machine after it took a bite out of my finger" thing.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Random Babbling*

I have a bunch of sewing stuff cut out and ready to sew, but I have been having trouble getting the machine going. While I was making the scarves for my friends I broke a needle and then sewed the broken needle into my finger. I am OK it kinda freaked me out..... so now I just need to get over it and get sewing. Well not today as we have friends over, but maybe tomorrow.

Now for some random photos:

Aunt Mary and Uncle Mark got this for Elijah for Christmas and the kids both love it!

Cheesy smile!

I just love this photo and the kids.

*OK no smart remarks about how that is all this blog is about;)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh what should I talk about today?

It was such a busy day, should I tell you about:
  1. How my daughter handed me a piece of poop while she was in the bathtub? No that is to gross.
  2. How my son has learned the word NO! No that is to boring.
  3. How I did a great workout (and I mean really great!!) It was Pick Your Level: Weight Loss Pilates. It was the best pick your level tape I have ever done. I loved it! Is that weird?
  4. How my son and daughter had a great time putting the laundry in the dryer, while I folded laundry and Mark did dishes... what fun that we where all working on the house at once.
  5. How the Eagles won!!!! Who would not want to hear about that?
  6. How my husband made the BEST risotto in the world.

OK enough of all this I have to go watch Dr Who! Have a great night.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

We went to our friends house to spend the night for New Years Eve. We got to play cards and the kids had a blast. I made these scarves for them.

New Years day (still at our friends house) Elijah comes down stairs to inform us that he is feeling sick. He then went on to be sick for the rest of the day and into the night. (He was up at 8:30, 10:30, and 12:30 being sick and up again at 3:30.) He is keeping food down today and seems better, but without all the energy that he is used to;)

Mark renamed our little girl "iron guts" because she just kept eating and she did not get sick.