Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I got tagged on facebook and thought that I might as well put it all here as well.

1. I got tagged by at least 3 people and did not do this yet because I did not know how.
2. I find it hard to learn new things on the computer (like how to write a note;)
3. I meet my wonderful husband in college and have never looked back.
4. I feel complete with my family.
5. I had post postpartum depression with both my kids and am happy to be on drugs that help.
6. I love kissing my kids.
7. I am a sci-fi geek, it has taken many years to admit to this.
8. I worked with manatees when I was in college and it was tons of fun.
9. When I was a kid I lived in a house that had no running water.
10. I love running water.
11. I get a hot shower or bath everyday (even on the days when both my kids where born) and I love hot showers and baths this has a lot to do with #9.
12. When I was a kid I lived on a tidal river and thought that all rivers where tidal.
13. We did tons of camping when I was a kid (I climbed my first Mt when I was 7, you could not go above the tree line before that).
14. I love to be pampered when I am on vacation (this has a lot to do with # 13)
15. I love to talk (did they say that it had to be things you might not know?)
16. I have been sewing for years, but in the last year have really found my love for it and I have some wonder friends to thank for that... Kari and Stephanie.
17. How can we only be on 17? .... lets see .... I like to stall when I do not know what to say.
18. When I was a kid my family and I would all sleep in one room in the winter (it was the only room we kept warm)
19. I am not a good mom in the middle of the night, thank God Mark is better then I am.
20. I fell in love with my husband because of a silly thing that he did. (it only took a moment)
21. I love when my husband is silly.
22. I love to cook, but do not like to touch raw chicken.
23. I do not miss working outside the home.
24. I am happy to be with my kids all day... most days.
25. I am happy that I came up with 25 things to say about myself.

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