Friday, February 27, 2009


A girl and her shovel... do not try and separate them!

Fun outside in the snow.

Puddles and snow... brrrrrrrr.
The kids and the box they decorated. Lots of fun from one little box:)
The surgery went well and I am getting better everyday... well my hand is getting better I am still the same old same old:)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Craft Time

A little messy (but when can you use glitter and not make a mess?) but lots of fun.  The kids loved it.

Yes I am still here.

Sorry to be gone for so long. I have a very good friend that was having trouble last week and needed all of my free time (well I did get to workout, but most of my other time). All is OK, but I am not going to talk about it here.... to personal for her. So here is a quick run down of our stuff from last week...

In the car:

Elijah: Do you have to put money in the bank?
Zoe: Yes otherwise there would be no money to take out.
E: OH... where does the money you put in come from?
Z: Daddy works and makes money.
E: Daddy makes money?????
Z: Yes that is why he works.
E: (silence) Ohhh.

( I did explain that Daddy does not make the money (no printing press here:))

We had a nice weekend, but it did involve cleaning the house, doing laundry and shoveling the snow (OK the shoveling was just Ada Liz, Elijah and Mark). Last night we had our very good friends over for dinner... they are leaving soon to move back to San Juan.... guess where we want to go on vacation?????:) It was great fun seeing them it has been to long and they live in the same town as us.... for another month.

I do not know when I will be back to blogging. I am having carpel tunnel surgery tomorrow and do not know how that will effect my blogging habit, but I will get back to it as soon as I can.

PS the photos are not related to the blog just cute photos of our little girl.

PPS I have been LOVING doing my Pilates workouts. I have a couple from Ellen Barrett I LOVE her but I would love to have a couple more so if you have a pilates workout that you love please let me know, Thanks

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Good Title

I can not think of any good titles, blogs or facebook stuff so you will have to just live with an update:)

All is well the kids are getting better (health wise). Elijah has turned into a crazy kid. I think that we need SPRING!!!! Right now he is in the basement playing and earlier I had to kick his B@%% out the door to play outside. (anything to keep him from fighting with me).

I have been working out (4 days in a row) and loving it! It is nice to do something for me, but it is cutting into my blogging time.

I am still loving my haircut and today I colored it (I would take a photo to show you... but I am not sure that there is that much of a change that you could see it in a photo... oh well at least I only payed $7 for it and not $40!)

Guess that is it for now... sorry it is so wordy and no photos..... wait I could always put up a cool Africa photo... back in a sec with one.......

OK how about this:

Have a nice day:)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Herding Frogs with a Wheel Barrel

Otherwise known as trying to get a good photo of 2 kids together.


I had a nice day on Sunday. Elijah was just getting better , but not all better yet, so Mark went to church with Ada Liz and Elijah and I stayed home. I REALLY wanted to sew so I made a deal with him (one hour of sewing and I would take him to the park (we have not been to the park very much with all the snow and cold)) he jumped at the idea. So I spent 50 Min's getting a Christmas gift done, better late then never right? and then we went to the park. (BTW it was COLD and we did not stay long)

Later in the day I got to meet up with Kari and Mary and knit for awhile. That was fun! I got this fun scarf done. I was going to make it a long scarf, but it just felt done short and I love it. I am going to make some more short ones that maybe we can do fun things with. Mary is going to take one of the short ones and try and make a bracelet from it and I am going to make a hair band from one of them.... so many options.....

Sorry that the photos are not great.

Then after I got home Mark and I went out to dinner to celebrate Valentines Day! It was fun to just be out with him and talk about some stuff that has been on both of our minds.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Oh and I got a nice workout yesterday and today.

Friday, February 13, 2009


I am happy that dinner is in the crock pot cooking and making the house smell yummy. That will help us get through the day;)

I am sad that Elijah is sick. A fever and hurting. Poor guy, but he is in good spirits and that is WONDERFUL!!!!

That is all I have for right now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ada Liz

I have not told you much about what Ada Liz is up to these days and I do not have lots of time today, but here is a quick update.
She is stilling at the table (still in the high chair because we have not gotten the booster out for her yet.)

She is using forks and spoons very well.

She is fitting in the family very well by talking up a storm. She always wants to know what different things are called. Today we where in the van and she yells "airplane!' and sure enough there was a plane in the sky (I did not even know she knew that word).

She LOVES to have stories read to her and would let you read to her all day (just like her brother).

And in the last couple of days she has wanted to sit on the potty. (she has not done anything, but read on it yet, but she is interested.)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Boy he was so young!!! It is hard to remember him like this.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday was a day of doctors appointments. Thankfully Mark was home yesterday so he could help out with the kids. Elijah had one in the AM to figure out why he "needs" to pee all the time...(the long and the short of it maybe that we just have to wait it out).

In the afternoon I had to see the doctor about my carpal tunnel. (Boy they sure know how to make you hurt:) It is still sore today. Sometimes you do not know how bad it is until someone starts asking you questions, like:

Doc: How often does it wake you up?
Me: Every night (almost)
D: How often does it stop you from doing something during the day?
M: Everyday.
D: (silence) I would not call this minor.
M: (I had just come into the doctor to get a new brace) Oh but it is much better then it was.
D: (silence) OK but it still sounds bad. Is it still getting better?
M: No

OK reading this I think if someone told me that it was this bad I would have sent them to the doctor long ago, but it is always different when it is you.

Can you tell that I have nothing good going on in my life when this is the best thing that I have to blog about..... sorry for the boring blog, I promise to make the kids do something funny today so that I can blog about that tomorrow:)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Our sick little girl.

This was when she had a fever of 103. She would not stop crying unless Mark was holding her (not me just Mark).

This was before my appt at 3ish with 2 cranky kids. I think she kinda looks JCrewish here... well if she did not have the nuk in:)

That nap helped them both make it through dinner.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why they love Aunt Mary!

New Hair Cut

I wanted a new cut that would let me go straight or curly and here it is:

I am loving it!


Ada Liz was up crying MANY times last night, and now she is back in the crib for the 3rd time today (it is only 8:40am). I am not sure if she is really wanting a nap or if she is just trying to get away from her brother. Every time he hugs her, or yells in her ear, or .... (all out of wanting to help) she starts to cry and says "NAP! NAP! NAP!" So I have just been putting her in the crib, not sure if she is sleeping, but she is not crying.... should be a fun day.

She crying now so I have to go.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day v1.4

How I thought today would go:

A. Take Elijah to school (must be dropped off at 9).
B. Go to Weight Watchers (stay if Ada Liz is up for it).
C. Fool around some until we have to pick Elijah up (pick up at 11:30).
D. Bring everyone home and make lunch.

This is how our Tuesdays go, this would be day v1.0.

Day V1.1
Yesterday I felt icky (not even well enough to set up my new Wii Fit) so I thought I would change B. to find someplace that I can just park the car and play/lay down in the back of the van with Ada Liz until it was time for D.

Day V1.2
Before I got out of bed Mark came up to tell me that he was leaving. When he went into the bathroom he could smell something bad (like burning plastic). So down to the basement to find that heater is sounding funny. So now our day will look like this:

Stay in jammies (for the kids), workout, wait for the repair man. (OK I have to tell you that I did not mind this to much.)

Day V1.3
For some reason unknown to me I could not make the Wii remote and the Wii fit board both to work at the same time (this is not good OK no workout now maybe this afternoon.) Only 1/2 before the repair man might show up (sometime between 9 and 12), better get in the shower. (I am blow drying my hair when Elijah comes up to tell me that he was here and that he let him in( he did not want him to be cold)) The heater is fixable and they will have to come back tomorrow, but we have a fireplace and the heater is still working right now. OK maybe we can make some cookies or something.....

Day V1.4
Ada Liz is crying her head off in the bath tub. She pulls at her ear and says HURT! OK now we are in for a doctors appointment. So off to doctors only to find out that her ears are (and I hate to hear this) just fine! At the last min I did get him to look in her mouth and it looked not so good. We are waiting for the strep test now.

How come days never go as they are planned? Now off to do a workout (I did get both the board and remote to work, so now I have no excuses:)

You are no Troy Peterson young man.

In the car on Sunday (on the way to our friends house to watch the SuperBowl)

Elijah: Mommy I just saw a bird.

Me: Was it big or small?

E: It was smallish big.

M: What color was it?

E: I do not know.

M: (OK even Troy Peterson could not have made a positive ID on that bird! Time to change the subject.) Did you have fun in Sunday School today?

E: Yes we learned about muster seeds.

M: ( Mark and I sometimes play the " what do you think he learned about today game after Sunday School. It is often a challenge to find the bible story in the stuff that sticks out in Elijah's mind.) So what did you learn about muster seeds?

E: A muster seed is like heaven!

M: How so?

E: (thinking) I do not know she did not tell us.

M: (I am sure that was not the case.... but now is not the time to argue now is the time to learn more) Do you like your teachers?

E: I love all of them!

(He has 2 teachers, but one of them is in the choir so when she is teaching there is always a different person person that is with them until she is done singing.)

M: Who was there with you today?

E: Well I do not know her name, but she has one son.

M: (this does not tell help me much) OK does she have any daughters?

E: No just one son.... you know who I mean!

M: Not really. Does she have dark hair?

E: Her hair comes down like this. (This is like an egg being broken over your head, not much help)

M: Is it dark hair or blond?

E: I think it is blond, well kinda..... I am not sure, maybe it was dark.

No help there. I guess I will have to give up my dream of having a famous birder in the family:)