Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You are no Troy Peterson young man.

In the car on Sunday (on the way to our friends house to watch the SuperBowl)

Elijah: Mommy I just saw a bird.

Me: Was it big or small?

E: It was smallish big.

M: What color was it?

E: I do not know.

M: (OK even Troy Peterson could not have made a positive ID on that bird! Time to change the subject.) Did you have fun in Sunday School today?

E: Yes we learned about muster seeds.

M: ( Mark and I sometimes play the " what do you think he learned about today game after Sunday School. It is often a challenge to find the bible story in the stuff that sticks out in Elijah's mind.) So what did you learn about muster seeds?

E: A muster seed is like heaven!

M: How so?

E: (thinking) I do not know she did not tell us.

M: (I am sure that was not the case.... but now is not the time to argue now is the time to learn more) Do you like your teachers?

E: I love all of them!

(He has 2 teachers, but one of them is in the choir so when she is teaching there is always a different person person that is with them until she is done singing.)

M: Who was there with you today?

E: Well I do not know her name, but she has one son.

M: (this does not tell help me much) OK does she have any daughters?

E: No just one son.... you know who I mean!

M: Not really. Does she have dark hair?

E: Her hair comes down like this. (This is like an egg being broken over your head, not much help)

M: Is it dark hair or blond?

E: I think it is blond, well kinda..... I am not sure, maybe it was dark.

No help there. I guess I will have to give up my dream of having a famous birder in the family:)

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