Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tooth Fairy

This sweet boy woke up today to find that the Tooth Fairy had not come and taken his tooth.  I am sure that she was very busy and had a lot of teeth to get last night, but I sure hope she makes it to our house soon.  If you are reading this Tooth Fairy please stop on by, we miss you.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Part time job

Today I spent most of the day at my part time job.  I started the day about 9am at the hospital.  I was meeting with a new doctor.  I had a positive TB test a couple of months ago so I needed to see an Infectious Decease Doctor.  One more doc for my "team" ;)  I spent until about noon seeing the new nurse, new intern, new doctor and getting a blood draw.  I got to leave with 2 new drugs (fun fun fun) and new schedule for blood draws (once a month).

I went to go get Ada from Mark.  She still had a little cough that was making me nervous so I called her  Doctor and got her in to see them.  We went from the Marks work straight to Ada's appointment (with a stop at the drive thru... we must eat right?).  They did a strep test on her (which was negative.... so nothing is wrong with her) and we left there at 1:50.  We went straight to get Elijah.

After picking up E I came right home laid right down on the sofa and fell asleep.  Now I feel spent.  I do not like my part time job as a patient.  (Maybe I will quit;)

Well the kids are in the kitchen making an apple crisp thingy so I have to go and start the oven for them..... hope this does not make a big mess....

And because my dad keeps asking for more tile photos here are the first tiles that went into the ground.... it felt great seeing them start to make the river that runs all the way around the hippo.

Can you see the turtles and the fish?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall is here (and so is quilting season:)

I just got this quilt top done.  I have to go and get something to back it with (not sure when I was on my buying streak I did not get something for it.)
I made it from this pattern and it was easy peasy and it comes out cute.  Next I am going to work on a Christmas quilt (I have it all cut and part of it done..... so there maybe more photos soon (cross fingers).

Mark brought these mums home the other day (they are SOOOOO nice). (sweet man, yes?)

Finally here are two hats that I made from the same patten that I made Ada's from for my hubby and son.  I think they turned out cute and they where so easy that I will not feel bad if they loss them (OK only one of them is likely to loss it;)

Hope you had a great weekend.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I can hardly blame her.

Yesterday I took Ada to the quilt store to get some yarn for a hat (our quilt store has a great yarn selection).  I was going to let her pick out ONE ball of yarn.  When I got there and we started looking I thought it would be cool to let her pick out 2 balls  (it would make the hat look cuter).  Well of course she fell in love with THREE balls and started screaming, yelling, crying, throwing herself on the floor, screaming some more (it was so not a pretty sight) because she wanted all three (at 15$/ ball (OK for that price I could get her several hats).  I held my ground and she kept crying.  It took me about 10 mins to convince her that she was only going to get two and she should just get over it!  But if I was telling the truth I would have to say that every time I leave that store I feel like crying and saying "but I want more fabric, more yarn, more patterns, more more more!" so I get where she is coming from:)

Here is the hat with some brown that I had in my stash (or as someone at the quilt weekend called it "material resources").  I think it came out cute.  I ruffly used this pattern from Polka Dot Cottage (it was so worth the 4 bucks I have made 3 already and the are super fast! oh and no decreasing LOVE THAT!).

Boy she so does not look like a girl that could cry and scream and yell so much does she?  I may have to wait awhile before I head back to the quilt store:)

Friday, October 7, 2011

I helped THIS happen!

See all those tiles?  I worked on EVERY part of this project to get those in the ground so the kids could walk around them:)  I am SOOOOO proud of my self today.  I will tell the whole storie when I get a little sewing done (I have not sewed in my craft room for WEEKS.)  Have a nice weekend.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I am not sure how anyone could work a full time job.

 I have been working with the art teacher at my school (along with a ton of other parents) to get a gynormas mosaic project done.  The kids (with the help of parents and teachers and returning kids and tons of others) are making 125 12x12 tiles into a wonderful river for around our hippo (at the local park, and no it is not a real hippo, that would be scary).  They have been working on it for a whopping 3 1/2 weeks (this is CRAZY CRAZY speed).  We (Ada, Elijah and I) have been working every night after school for a couple of hours and yesterday I was there for over 6 hours.  Today I worked on getting the site ready (me and 40 others :) for another 6 hours.  But at least it will all be done on Thursday (that is when the big build day will be).  I wish I had photos, but I no longer have a little camera and it is to much for me to lug my big camera down there and watch over it and get work done and (I just thought that sentence needed anther and to make it a little longer sentence that way I might make the worlds record for run on sentences).  OK after that sentence I think I will be ending this blog (brain is mush).  Will be back sometime soon... maybe after Thursday.  

PS I do not know why, but I REALLY want a hot fudge sunday and have wanted one for over a week!  This has nothing to do with the rest of the blog.... sorry.