Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall is here (and so is quilting season:)

I just got this quilt top done.  I have to go and get something to back it with (not sure when I was on my buying streak I did not get something for it.)
I made it from this pattern and it was easy peasy and it comes out cute.  Next I am going to work on a Christmas quilt (I have it all cut and part of it done..... so there maybe more photos soon (cross fingers).

Mark brought these mums home the other day (they are SOOOOO nice). (sweet man, yes?)

Finally here are two hats that I made from the same patten that I made Ada's from for my hubby and son.  I think they turned out cute and they where so easy that I will not feel bad if they loss them (OK only one of them is likely to loss it;)

Hope you had a great weekend.


Kari said...

I like the colors in your quilt - they match!

My verification word is "pills" - that would have been a good one for your last entry :).

Zoë said...

Glad you think they match. I love it and can not wait to crawl under it.