Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I am not sure how anyone could work a full time job.

 I have been working with the art teacher at my school (along with a ton of other parents) to get a gynormas mosaic project done.  The kids (with the help of parents and teachers and returning kids and tons of others) are making 125 12x12 tiles into a wonderful river for around our hippo (at the local park, and no it is not a real hippo, that would be scary).  They have been working on it for a whopping 3 1/2 weeks (this is CRAZY CRAZY speed).  We (Ada, Elijah and I) have been working every night after school for a couple of hours and yesterday I was there for over 6 hours.  Today I worked on getting the site ready (me and 40 others :) for another 6 hours.  But at least it will all be done on Thursday (that is when the big build day will be).  I wish I had photos, but I no longer have a little camera and it is to much for me to lug my big camera down there and watch over it and get work done and (I just thought that sentence needed anther and to make it a little longer sentence that way I might make the worlds record for run on sentences).  OK after that sentence I think I will be ending this blog (brain is mush).  Will be back sometime soon... maybe after Thursday.  

PS I do not know why, but I REALLY want a hot fudge sunday and have wanted one for over a week!  This has nothing to do with the rest of the blog.... sorry.


Kari said...

Go get your hot fudge sundae - a little one- you deserve it! Pleassse change your font to a bigger size. My monitor has smudge marks on it from my nose - geez you must have had your eagle eyes on when typing this. ;)!

Zoë said...

Man how did the font get so small!!! Man that tells you that you should look at it not just push the button.... Sorry.

I love the image of your nose to the screen.... Hehehehe


Good weather good friends good wishes good work day. Hope you get it all done.