Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It is amazing what a good bribe can get you

Both Mark and I have been feeling not so great lately (OK Mark has been feeling really crummy and I have been out of energy) so lots of stuff has been piling up.  Today when I got home from picking Elijah up from school Mark said (in a harsh whisper as that is all he can talk right now) that if the kids cleaned up the living room and the basement they could watch a movie and we could order pizza (no cooking or cleaning up for us and treat for them... win win.... oh and we get to have a clean living room and basement!!!). 

Elijah had a little bit of a hard time and I told him that anyone that did not help got to have buttered bread while the rest of us got pizza. He said 'I don't care' and I said "then you can go up to your room and stay there until dinner time"...... much crying and screaming let me know that butter bread was NOT as good a pizza.  He went to his room to get control of himself and while he was up there he had to clean his room!

So for the price of a pizza and the free price of putting on the TV we got 3 rooms cleaned!!! Man my husband is SMART!!!!

Pink Tuesday

So at Ada's school they have a color of the week.  Every week Ada has been wanting it to be Pink.  We drive in to school wondering what the color will be and Ada's guess is always pink.  (also on the way we have a search for pink things (backpacks, coats, bikes, scooters.... )).  Well of course it was not part of what her dear teacher had in mind.  But because Ada was sad every week when it was not pink her teacher decided to have a pink week!  Today is the first day of PINK WEEK!!!! and guess who woke up with pink eye?????

That's right no school today for Ada.  Now she is "knitting" with me and I am waiting to hear back from the doctor and hoping that they will just call in a scrip to the pharmacy for me so I do not have to go back to the doctor AGAIN today.

Hope you have a happy pink Tuesday!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Autoimmune Friday

I have renamed Black Friday to Autoimmune  Friday.  It is a day in which ( I am assuming most people with autoimmune diseases are like me and worked to much preparing for Thanksgiving) we spend the day on the sofa.  And I mean the WHOLE day.  I had trouble getting up to go to the bathroom I was so worn out from the days before T-day.  OK hopefully some of the people out there where smarter the me and did not over do it.  I did not even think that I was over going it, but I really was.... it is Monday and I am still not feeling great.  But the up side is that I have been knitting a ton and getting lots of gifts done::::))))).

Oh and while I am renaming days I am renaming Cyber Monday to Pink eye Monday (Elijah got it..... kinda amazing that Ada did not as much as she likes pink right???;)

Sorry Dad not photos today, will try and do better tomorrow:)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.  Remember to count your blessings and hug your loved ones.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Play

Ada and I went to a play yesterday.  It was Ada's first time seeing a live performance.  I built it up and was so excited that we where going to the theater! 

I picked out the cutest outfit she had, she vetoed it and then tried on 3 other ones until she found one she liked.

She and I went into Elijah's class to help out, it was a crazy day in the class (they have 10 boys and 4 girls.... oh and one of the girls is leaving today). Side note pray for their teacher she needs it EVERYDAY;)

We went out to eat and ran into a couple of other kids that go to school with her. 

Then into the show. I was excited, Ada was excited.  She was looking around, pointing to things, smiling telling me about the room and then........ the lights went out and she got scared.  She was scared the whole time. 

On the way home she told me she was not scared the WHOLE time, just when the lights where out.

Maybe next time she will have more fun.

Monday, November 22, 2010

sneak peak

The baby quilt I am working on.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's for dinner?

Tonight we had a yummy chicken noodle soup.  We have been having a lot more roasted chicken these days, and as a result we are also having more soup from the left-over chicken.  I always thought it was more trouble then it was worth to make soup from chickens or turkeys because I always took all the meat off the bones first (do not ask me why), now I just put the whole thing in the pot when we are done with it (no matter how much meat is still on the bones).  It is so easy and yummy.  Tonight we had soup and fresh biscuits (another EASY thing to make for dinner).

So what did you have for dinner?

ps today was the first time since I was large with baby Elijah in my tummy that I sang in the choir at church.  It was nice to be back!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

sick of orange

Had to change the orange color it was driving me crazy..... hope you like pink:)

So I was at the grocery store today and I got a little weepy in the nut section.  I do not really miss nuts all that much, but at the holiday times I feel the need to have nuts in my house to bake with.

Spent some time today working on quilt (for a soon to be born baby) and it is coming out CUTE.  I will show you as soon as I get it off the machine.  I am quilting it with lollipops and and I love the way it is coming out.  Can't wait to show you.

Well Mark is making risotto and making the house smell WONDERFUL in the process, the kids are both sitting on the sofa, within inches of me, reading aloud and asking me questions so I am going to end now as it is a little hard to stay focused. 

Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 19, 2010

I am still out here

My dad said today and I quote "will you at least stick some photos up???"  This is not the first time he has asked in the last month..... sorry dad.

So here is the abridged version of the last month or so:

 Ada getting VERY dirty and LOVING IT!

 Ada at the pool.

 Halloween candy (the kids helped me make the suckers into ghosts.

 Ada's quilt.... so far.

 Love this shot of my MIL and Ada going for a walk.  We had a wonderful visit with her.

 Does this just make you want to tickle him? 

 We are having someone redo our back porch and it is not going as we had hoped.  Can you see that board on the right and how it starts off on one side of the box and ends up on the other?  Well according to our contractor our back porch (the upper part) was being held together with luck (he said it was a little bit better the dog spit, but not much)  So had to have him fix that first, now he is working on getting the stairs in place so we can use the back door again!  Fun with old houses.

 This mirror has been bugging me for some time now.  I hated that the inside was "distressed" but the out side (where you would have distressed wood) was just fine.  So I decided to put buttons on it.  I love the way it came out.... I would show you the whole thing, but the glass was a mess and I did want to go clean it and then take another photo.

 Here are 2 hats I knitted.... just love that yarn.

 Here is a scarf that my MIL knitted while she was here.... She had not knitted in a long time and it was fun to get her back into it:)

 Here is the wonderful hat that she did.
One last story before she goes home.

Happy Dad?  :)