Monday, November 29, 2010

Autoimmune Friday

I have renamed Black Friday to Autoimmune  Friday.  It is a day in which ( I am assuming most people with autoimmune diseases are like me and worked to much preparing for Thanksgiving) we spend the day on the sofa.  And I mean the WHOLE day.  I had trouble getting up to go to the bathroom I was so worn out from the days before T-day.  OK hopefully some of the people out there where smarter the me and did not over do it.  I did not even think that I was over going it, but I really was.... it is Monday and I am still not feeling great.  But the up side is that I have been knitting a ton and getting lots of gifts done::::))))).

Oh and while I am renaming days I am renaming Cyber Monday to Pink eye Monday (Elijah got it..... kinda amazing that Ada did not as much as she likes pink right???;)

Sorry Dad not photos today, will try and do better tomorrow:)

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Stephanie said...

Ah, pink eye. Is his viral? James' was and it took 4 solid days to clear up. Hope he is better soon.

And you too, dear Zoe. miss you! I can never call because talking on the phone is the hardest thing to find time for. Someday...