Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It is amazing what a good bribe can get you

Both Mark and I have been feeling not so great lately (OK Mark has been feeling really crummy and I have been out of energy) so lots of stuff has been piling up.  Today when I got home from picking Elijah up from school Mark said (in a harsh whisper as that is all he can talk right now) that if the kids cleaned up the living room and the basement they could watch a movie and we could order pizza (no cooking or cleaning up for us and treat for them... win win.... oh and we get to have a clean living room and basement!!!). 

Elijah had a little bit of a hard time and I told him that anyone that did not help got to have buttered bread while the rest of us got pizza. He said 'I don't care' and I said "then you can go up to your room and stay there until dinner time"...... much crying and screaming let me know that butter bread was NOT as good a pizza.  He went to his room to get control of himself and while he was up there he had to clean his room!

So for the price of a pizza and the free price of putting on the TV we got 3 rooms cleaned!!! Man my husband is SMART!!!!

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