Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Play

Ada and I went to a play yesterday.  It was Ada's first time seeing a live performance.  I built it up and was so excited that we where going to the theater! 

I picked out the cutest outfit she had, she vetoed it and then tried on 3 other ones until she found one she liked.

She and I went into Elijah's class to help out, it was a crazy day in the class (they have 10 boys and 4 girls.... oh and one of the girls is leaving today). Side note pray for their teacher she needs it EVERYDAY;)

We went out to eat and ran into a couple of other kids that go to school with her. 

Then into the show. I was excited, Ada was excited.  She was looking around, pointing to things, smiling telling me about the room and then........ the lights went out and she got scared.  She was scared the whole time. 

On the way home she told me she was not scared the WHOLE time, just when the lights where out.

Maybe next time she will have more fun.


Kari said...

Too funny. Next time just let her pick her own outfit. Do you think she will go to another show?

Zoë said...

Not sure, but I hope so as I already have a ticket for another one. Luckly it is not for awhile, so maybe she will get over that by then:) (cross fingers here)