Friday, November 19, 2010

I am still out here

My dad said today and I quote "will you at least stick some photos up???"  This is not the first time he has asked in the last month..... sorry dad.

So here is the abridged version of the last month or so:

 Ada getting VERY dirty and LOVING IT!

 Ada at the pool.

 Halloween candy (the kids helped me make the suckers into ghosts.

 Ada's quilt.... so far.

 Love this shot of my MIL and Ada going for a walk.  We had a wonderful visit with her.

 Does this just make you want to tickle him? 

 We are having someone redo our back porch and it is not going as we had hoped.  Can you see that board on the right and how it starts off on one side of the box and ends up on the other?  Well according to our contractor our back porch (the upper part) was being held together with luck (he said it was a little bit better the dog spit, but not much)  So had to have him fix that first, now he is working on getting the stairs in place so we can use the back door again!  Fun with old houses.

 This mirror has been bugging me for some time now.  I hated that the inside was "distressed" but the out side (where you would have distressed wood) was just fine.  So I decided to put buttons on it.  I love the way it came out.... I would show you the whole thing, but the glass was a mess and I did want to go clean it and then take another photo.

 Here are 2 hats I knitted.... just love that yarn.

 Here is a scarf that my MIL knitted while she was here.... She had not knitted in a long time and it was fun to get her back into it:)

 Here is the wonderful hat that she did.
One last story before she goes home.

Happy Dad?  :)

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Yarni Gras! said...

what a sweet post...I bet your dad IS happy!