Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elijah jokes

E: what kinda bug wears a red dress?
Z: A lady bug

E: What do you hear when cows sing?
Z: What?
E: Mooooousic

E: What do aliens put their tea cups on?
Z: What?
E: Flying saucers

Z: Elijah and Ada where walking down the street.  Elijah says to Ada " I know a guy with a wooden leg named Mr Smith" and Ada says "whats his other leg called?"

E: What kind of animal hits well?
Z: I do not know.
E: A bat.

This comedy break was brought to you by a 6 year old.  Ada does have an ear infection and the Ped said " it looks bad, if it starts to bleed do not worry that is OK." nothing like a doc telling you not to stress when your daughter's ear is bleeding to make your day:)  Oh and I got to the airport with about 20 mins to spare to get my MIL.

Have a nice day.

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