Monday, October 18, 2010

Puzzle Girl

Ada has REALLY gotten into puzzles lately so today I decided that we should do one of my favorite puzzles. My mom got this puzzle for Elijah when he was a little younger then Ada is now and we had many hours of fun with it.  Mark, Elijah and I would sit and do it together.  Thanks again Mom for a wonderful gift and hours of fun!

 Here are Piggy and Rabbit helping push the pieces in.

 Sweet girl and a puzzle.

Hope all your puzzle pieces fall into place today.


Stephanie said...

That puzzle is awesome, Zoe!

I'd love to see you. When??? How did life get so busy? xo

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Looks like her fav color is the same as Hazel's. We have that same Ikea pink panel from your pics. We went with different curtains though and haven't done naything with ours yet.

I'm leaving comments for mutiple posts here LOL.