Monday, June 30, 2008

Day update

Well the rest of the day when kinda like this:

I found out that if something is stuck in the door of the washing machine and you go in to get a can of tomatoes (from your laundry room)... you are likely to step in A LOT of water... bonus is that the laundry room floor has never looked so clean;)

I took Ada to the Doc and found out a couple of things:

1. She has good lungs (duh, she has been screaming all day!)

2. She has nice looking ears (no infection, bummer )

3. He did not know what was wrong to make her so upset. His best guess "Maybe she just always feels great so if she feels a little bad she gets really mad" (For this he went to all those years of school? OK just kidding I know he was just trying to make me feel not so bad for bringing her in. )

So by now I am feeling .... well beat up by the day. We are driving home, it is late, and I am hoping that Ada is sleeping, when I hear this strange noise. I look up to see Ada in the back seat with the pacifier in her mouth smiling and clapping her hands.

(insert melted heart here)

It is funny how a whole day of screaming can be canceled out by a couple minutes of clapping;)

Have a nice night.

Good in theroy... but not at midnight

So we had a fire drill last night... well 2 fire drills. The first one was at 11:50...

Wake up, check the kids, check for fire, wonder why the silly useful smoke alarm went off, check the kids one more time and the house for fire..... back to sleep.

The second time was at 12:30 ...

Wake up, is this a bad nightmare?, check kids, check for fire, wonder again about the smoke alarm, unplug the smoke alarm, back in bed,...

Mark: Did you check and make sure the stove was off?

Zoe: Duh No (waiting, waiting, waiting,)

M: (sigh) I will go check!

OK maybe I should have checked that;) (it was not on, just a funky smoke detector.)

I guess it is good to know that the smoke detectors will wake us up, but maybe we did not need to know twice in one night. Along those times and neither of the kids woke up, but Ada did cry out at least one other time and they where both up before 6 ( Ada at 5:30 and Elijah about 10 -15 mins later.)

Elijah had a 3 1/2 hour nap (9:30 to 1ish) and Ada has had a couple naps. But she is sick (just a cold) and FUSSY.

All of this is why I have not put up photos of the wonderful weekend that we had. I will do it I promise, but maybe not today.

Got to go help Ada(who is crying in her crib ) and get Elijah some sunscreen on so that we can get OUT.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Off for a couple of days

We will be off line for a couple of days. I am going to be going to a camp with Elijah. Photos to follow.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Club I Hoped I Would Never Have Join

Last night I joined a club I had hoped never to have to join. The "Parents who have had to give their kids an epi-pen club" That is a long name for a club and I know several wonderful people in the club... but I did not want to join them, but join them I did.

When I went up to bed I could hear Elijah coughing (with his asthma we always listen hard when he is coughing to see if we need to puff him.) When I went in to see him he told me that I needed to puff him. It did not sound like a bad cough and more like a "I have something caught in my throat" kinda cough. I gave him water and tried to get him to sleep.

After a little bit he came into my room and told me again he needed a puff. And while we where talking about it he projectile vomited on me, our bed, himself, the carpet, anything in the area. I quickly moved him into our bathroom (a room with no carpet) and called Mark up to help.

I gave Elijah a bath and Mark started taking the bed apart. Elijah was chipper, happy and most of all talkative. At some point Mark asked me "where those tortilla the ones that had eggs in them?" (at this point my heart stopped... I was sure that they where) I went down stairs as fast as I could to find out and ...yes they where the ones. Elijah had eaten them about 1 and 1/2 hours before (so still in the danger zone).

I called the allergist on call and he wanted me to give Elijah an epi-pen (again my heart stopped, and this time my breathing as well.) Elijah was VERY brave. He even said that the noise made him more scared then the needle.

So off to the hospital for us (me with some Pepto in me to try and stop the snakes/butterfly/what ever you want to call them that where in my tummy.) Elijah was so cute in the car saying things like:

E: Mom why isn't Ada Elizabeth with us. (in a sad voice)

M: (try and breath, how do we get to the hospital, where is the hospital, oh my god what if....., )Why Elijah?

E: I just wish she was here.


E: You should not have given me that tortilla. That pokie really hurt.

M: I am so sorry Elijah. Mommy is really upset and I need to think about how to get to the hospital do you think we could talk about happy things?

E: Sure

(a while latter)

E: I guess I should not have eaten that tortilla.

M: (OH my God, I am so sick with worry, where am I going?,...) Remember we where going to talk about something happy?

E: OH yeah, sorry Mom I forgot.

This when on the whole way there.

When Elijah and I got there he had hives everywhere, but not really bad ones, just everywhere. After a couple of trips to the bathroom for me and checking Elijah in, we got Benadryl in him and waited. Luckily they have lots of cool stuff for kids to do, so we read books and colored.

After about 2 hours or so the nice doctor came back in and gave us the OK to go home.

Good things that I learned yesterday:

  1. All our work keeping eggs out of his diet IS for a good reason.
  2. I can give him a epi-pen (and it is NOWHERE near as scary as it seems)
  3. My son is really brave (OK I did know that one, but it is nice to see it every once in a while)
  4. My husband is close to Sainthood for cleaning up that mess

Oh there must be more but for now that is all I got. On the way home we saw a wonderful moon rise. It was orange, mostly full, and reflecting on the lake.

E: Mom we should come out at night more often so we can see the stars and the moon more.

M: Yes Elijah we should.

God I love that kid. If you have kids hug them for me. Thank God we came through that one OK.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mostly Ada Liz

It is hard to believe how big she is getting.

"I wonder what they keep in here?" (note my foot keeping the rolling file in;)

"We are so cute... right?"

This is a bite that Elijah got at a park we went to on Friday.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Now for Something Completely Different

How you ask is this different from this?? Or this for that matter? Hold on to your seats because I am about to tell you... Are you ready??? Excited?? Waiting on the edge of your seats?? Holding your breath?? Ready for me just to move on with my story (my husbend has this same problem with me but that is a different story and since I am a story teller I am sure that one day you will hear about that too, but for today we will stick to the story at hand.... which was????? OH Yeah the laundry)

I made it into a game!!!! We make an avalanche! The idea is to bury the trash truck (wonderful truck that came from my wonderful sister BTW). Then we have to fold the laundry until we can see the truck. Then Elijah puts all the unfolded laundry back on the sofa (or davenport as my mother calls it... I do not think that davenport and this photo of all my unfolded laundry go together;) and does it all over again. We keep it up until all the laundry is done.

Now I have a reason to let the clean laundry pile up;)

Tote bag Swap

Here is another really cool swap I am going to join. It is for a tote bag. I think it will be fun to make. This one is also run by the nice woman at Itching 2 B Stitching!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Great Night Out

We have a GREAT friend who gave me (at my suggestion) a wonderful b-day gift. She said she would come and watch the kids so Mark and I could go out to dinner. (not sure when the last time we did that).

So last night we went out celebrate our anniversary and left the kids at home. The kids had a BLAST (they LOVE my friend Mary) and she loves them.

We had a very nice dinner (slow service, but it was just soooo nice to be out with Mark), and a nice walk by the lake.

Thank you again Mary.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just Ada

I am still fascinated by the fact that Ada will eat all these veggies. I took the photo because I thought it was pretty with all the different colors. (just for those with the need to know she has carrots, yellow peppers, tomatoes, chicken, cucumbers.)

This is after she ate all that food and a whole banana. I love this face she makes ( is comes with a cute air blowing noise). I have been trying to get in on film... ok what do you call it now??? Well I have been wanting to get a image of it.

She is changing almost everyday now.

  • She is still a happy, content baby.
  • She is still crawling the same way, only faster now and she can hold a toy at the same time. So now she can go from one end of the house to the other with some random thing, (paper, toy, sippy cup, cat just kidding).
  • She also LOVES to clap and do "how big is Ada... So Big".
  • She is always pointing at things as if she wants to know what they are called.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Great Day Crafting

Why you ask do I show you a photo of my daughter sleeping on the floor when the title is great day crafting?

This is why! I got lots done!! My MIL's bag is almost all cut (and more importunity I know how I am going to make it) and I got the gift for my dad (a late fathers day gift) cut and ready to sew! I am so excited.

Also my friend Mary is working on a piece of jewelry for...... you guessed it ME:) I can't wait for it to be done.

Who knew?

This happened last week.

Nice walk and time at the park, sounds good yes? Not to much work, right?

Started great. Kids happy. Nice walk (if you forget the "Can we go to the park now?" "Can we go to the park now?" "Can we go to the park NOW?")

Humm the park looks a little wet. That is ok, "Elijah we are not going to stay long because the park is wet, please stay out of the puddles." (OK, OK, you are all saying what are you nuts?)

So far so good (OK we have only been here less then a min, I am still dreaming that we might stay dry;) "Please just play on the playground equipment" (that should keep him out of the puddles, right?)

WRONG! (OK all is not lost just a little wet.) (here is where maybe I should have taken him home). "OK I know that you are wet, but please try and not go in the puddles" (I think Elijah heard "Go in the puddles")

Yes that is him falling into a puddle.

I think all might be lost, but at least he is only wet at the bottom.

It does look like fun, yes?

Well his pants where already wet so what the heck.

What is he doing now?

OH jumping off, there goes the shirt. Oh well all is lost might as well enjoy it.

And enjoy it he did.

Ada Liz also had fun.

(she might be thinking "that looks like fun I can not wait for mommy to let me do that";)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Work weekend

We have some friends that need a lot of work done on their yard (it is huge!!!) and since we also always have projects that need to be done, but never get done, we set up a work exchange. We work at their house one day and then the next time they work at our house. The theory is one parent can take care of the kids and the other 3 can work. It worked REALLY well.

The kids had lots of fun.

The garden got ready.

I got to watch the kids! (this was hard hee hee.) I laid in the sun and watched the kids;)

In my defence I did make sure that we all had food most of the day.

In the afternoon it rained so we came inside the kids watched a movie and colored and I got to teach our friends bridge!! I have been looking for another couple to play bridge with FOREVER! I sure hope they had fun so we can play again. (OK I am a geek to love bridge, but it is fun).

Just like Grandpa

E: Mommy I love you.

M: I love you too. (ahh so sweet.)

E: But I wish you where Grandpa.

M: Why is that Elijah?

E: Because Grandpa likes to fight!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


A couple of weeks ago we found a cool looking caterpillar on our new willow tree. I pulled it off and brought it in to see if I could identify it. While I was taking my time doing that it made itself into this chrysalis.

Today I came down stairs to find the butterfly out!!! It did not look anything like I thought it would. (I am not all that good at IDing caterpillar's I guess;)

Here she is before we let her go.

She was not so keen on leaving. (I think that she might not have had enough time for her wings to dry out.)

So back on the willow for her and she was gone this afternoon when we checked. Great fun.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Just one more reason that we love that cat

She may not look unhappy, but she stayed like that until Elijah put her down.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

One of these kids dressed themselves yesterday and one of them I dressed.

Can you guess which is which?

Oh come on it is not that hard. Ada is very advanced for her years months...hee hee hee.

To be fair to Elijah both the pants and the shirt are way cute .... just maybe not together;)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Something is Fishy around here

Ada Liz got up at 5:30 am so when at 7 her brother and her where having b-fast she was a bit fussy.

E: Ada you are having a fishy day today

A: (cry, fuss, cry, fuss)

E: Ada you are having a fishy day and if you have a fishy day I am not sure I can take you to K & A's house! ( K & A are our friend that we are going to play with today)

As if he would stop us from going because Ada was fishy fussy;)

Humm what should we have for dinner... fish sticks? ;)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nice night

I have been feeling kinda guilty that I have not been doing fun things with Elijah. So today when I picked him up from school I had a plan. We started at the park (with a snack and water), then we went out to one of Elijah's favorite restaurants.

When we got home it was just time for bed, but there was a knock at the door. It was a friend of Elijah's from school. They where off to the park, so off with them we went. We had a nice time and after a bath (our park is kinda dirty), Elijah is happy in bed. I am so happy to have had a nice night with my kids.

Here's to hoping tomorrow will be just as nice.

Garden update

Just a couple of photos of the garden. Mom I think it looks GREAT!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

What a day!

Ada was up at 4:50 (yes you read that right 4:50 AM!!).

Elijah (thank God) slept until 7.

We had to take our good friend to the airport (she is going on a job interview... Good luck). I get both the kids in the car and ...

E: I have to go potty.
Z: (breath breath breath) OK
unbuckle him, he goes, comes back, re-buckle him, get ready to leave
E: I have to go potty, again.
unbuckle him, he goes, comes back, re-buckle him, leave
1/2 there
E: Mom I need to go potty and I can not hold it.
Z: (what in tar nation is going on) You are going to have to hold it.
get to friends house, go 2 times there, get in car, go to airport, 1/2 there
E: Mommy I need to go potty.
This went on all day. Went to the doctor (sure it was a bladder infection)
Doc: Well so far the test looks fine.
Z: so what is wrong? (he has gone 2 times since we have gotten there and wants to go again).
D: I think your son is precocious. There is a syndrome often shows up in boys 6 and 7 year old called overactive bladder syndrome. Elijah is precocious because he is getting it 2 years early.
Z: (nice!)
D: It can last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.
Z: WHAT???
D: Take a bottle in the car with you.
Z: Thanks.

The rest of the day was trips to the potty and mashing of teeth.

My Bag is Done!!!!

This is what inspired me. I fell in love with this bag the moment I saw it. I had NEVER heard of Threads so I had no idea that it was for people that had more sewing time behind them then me. But I did have the help of my friend Maria! She got me started and made me feel that I could do it. Thank you again Maria.

This is how my bag turned out. I learned lots of cool stuff doing this bag that I will be using on other projects that are stacking up right now. (the next one being the Mothers Day gift for my Mother-in-Law... Sorry Nancy I will get to it now and it will be better because I am going to use some of the things I learned with this bag.) I think that it came out really nice. I might redo the straps and put some interfacing in them... I will just see how I like it and if I think it needs it later.

This is one of the cool things I learned to do. I like to say that the pocket is bigger on the inside then it is on the outside ... hee hee hee ( now some of you know that I am a huge Dr Who fan;)

The pattern did not have pockets on the inside, but I could not see living without them so I made 2. One of them big enough for an epi-pen (thank you Stephanie for giving me this idea).

This is another thing that is cool about it. I love the way they did the bottom.

For those of you that sew a lot these may not be big things but for a quilter like me (straight lines... how I love straight lines) these things are WAY COOL.