Monday, June 30, 2008

Good in theroy... but not at midnight

So we had a fire drill last night... well 2 fire drills. The first one was at 11:50...

Wake up, check the kids, check for fire, wonder why the silly useful smoke alarm went off, check the kids one more time and the house for fire..... back to sleep.

The second time was at 12:30 ...

Wake up, is this a bad nightmare?, check kids, check for fire, wonder again about the smoke alarm, unplug the smoke alarm, back in bed,...

Mark: Did you check and make sure the stove was off?

Zoe: Duh No (waiting, waiting, waiting,)

M: (sigh) I will go check!

OK maybe I should have checked that;) (it was not on, just a funky smoke detector.)

I guess it is good to know that the smoke detectors will wake us up, but maybe we did not need to know twice in one night. Along those times and neither of the kids woke up, but Ada did cry out at least one other time and they where both up before 6 ( Ada at 5:30 and Elijah about 10 -15 mins later.)

Elijah had a 3 1/2 hour nap (9:30 to 1ish) and Ada has had a couple naps. But she is sick (just a cold) and FUSSY.

All of this is why I have not put up photos of the wonderful weekend that we had. I will do it I promise, but maybe not today.

Got to go help Ada(who is crying in her crib ) and get Elijah some sunscreen on so that we can get OUT.

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