Saturday, June 21, 2008

Now for Something Completely Different

How you ask is this different from this?? Or this for that matter? Hold on to your seats because I am about to tell you... Are you ready??? Excited?? Waiting on the edge of your seats?? Holding your breath?? Ready for me just to move on with my story (my husbend has this same problem with me but that is a different story and since I am a story teller I am sure that one day you will hear about that too, but for today we will stick to the story at hand.... which was????? OH Yeah the laundry)

I made it into a game!!!! We make an avalanche! The idea is to bury the trash truck (wonderful truck that came from my wonderful sister BTW). Then we have to fold the laundry until we can see the truck. Then Elijah puts all the unfolded laundry back on the sofa (or davenport as my mother calls it... I do not think that davenport and this photo of all my unfolded laundry go together;) and does it all over again. We keep it up until all the laundry is done.

Now I have a reason to let the clean laundry pile up;)


~ANG said...

Oh, how clever! I might have to try that one! Still my problem will remain, ya know, putting it all away after it's folded. Ugh! Just thinking about that part makes my scowl...but the avalanche part makes me smile :o)

Zoë said...

Well I did not say that I can solve all your problems;) I too can not seem to get it put away. But I am 1/2 there and someday I will think of something good to help with that part also. (Maybe there is a wicked witch that will let you be free if you get the laundry away in time... Can you tell that we are reading Mrs Piggle-Wiggle?;)

Sarah and Jack said...

Man I hate laundry!

(We have that same trash truck.)