Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just Ada

I am still fascinated by the fact that Ada will eat all these veggies. I took the photo because I thought it was pretty with all the different colors. (just for those with the need to know she has carrots, yellow peppers, tomatoes, chicken, cucumbers.)

This is after she ate all that food and a whole banana. I love this face she makes ( is comes with a cute air blowing noise). I have been trying to get in on film... ok what do you call it now??? Well I have been wanting to get a image of it.

She is changing almost everyday now.

  • She is still a happy, content baby.
  • She is still crawling the same way, only faster now and she can hold a toy at the same time. So now she can go from one end of the house to the other with some random thing, (paper, toy, sippy cup, cat just kidding).
  • She also LOVES to clap and do "how big is Ada... So Big".
  • She is always pointing at things as if she wants to know what they are called.

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