Monday, June 9, 2008

What a day!

Ada was up at 4:50 (yes you read that right 4:50 AM!!).

Elijah (thank God) slept until 7.

We had to take our good friend to the airport (she is going on a job interview... Good luck). I get both the kids in the car and ...

E: I have to go potty.
Z: (breath breath breath) OK
unbuckle him, he goes, comes back, re-buckle him, get ready to leave
E: I have to go potty, again.
unbuckle him, he goes, comes back, re-buckle him, leave
1/2 there
E: Mom I need to go potty and I can not hold it.
Z: (what in tar nation is going on) You are going to have to hold it.
get to friends house, go 2 times there, get in car, go to airport, 1/2 there
E: Mommy I need to go potty.
This went on all day. Went to the doctor (sure it was a bladder infection)
Doc: Well so far the test looks fine.
Z: so what is wrong? (he has gone 2 times since we have gotten there and wants to go again).
D: I think your son is precocious. There is a syndrome often shows up in boys 6 and 7 year old called overactive bladder syndrome. Elijah is precocious because he is getting it 2 years early.
Z: (nice!)
D: It can last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.
Z: WHAT???
D: Take a bottle in the car with you.
Z: Thanks.

The rest of the day was trips to the potty and mashing of teeth.


~ANG said...

Precocious indeed! I sure hope that's just a boy syndrome. Hope you get more sleep tonight.

Zoë said...

I do think it is just a boy thing, not sure. I did sleep at night, with the exception of my lovely daughter waking me up:(