Monday, June 23, 2008

Mostly Ada Liz

It is hard to believe how big she is getting.

"I wonder what they keep in here?" (note my foot keeping the rolling file in;)

"We are so cute... right?"

This is a bite that Elijah got at a park we went to on Friday.


My ADHD Me said...

Hi. I was randomly looking at blogs and found yours. Although my kids are older (12 & 17) your blog reminds me of some of my friends'. If you're interested in other peoples "stuff" and writing, most of them comment on mine and you can read them thru my comment section. Mine is more humor or off the wall stuff but don't worry. It's all G rated.
Love your pics.
And believe me...they grow up fast!
(oh yeah, love the laundry pile too....looks like you were at my house)
....and I do tend to ramble.
Happy Day.

~ANG said...

Oh man, I love the teen tiny pig tails. I did that with my girls as soon as they had enough hair to gather up...I mostly put one right on the top a whale spout! Ooohhh, what bit Elijah? My miss O swells up like that when she gets gnat bites, it's the craziest thing. At least he still smiled for the camera...what a good boy!

Stephanie said...

Adorable pictures!