Friday, March 26, 2010

How Baby travels

This shirt is perfect for carrying a baby in. She started doing this after see the new twins in the neighborhood in their baby carriers. So cute.

Mark let me sleep in (well I did not get up and he did not make me:). Elijah gets out early today and then we have 10 days of sleeping in!!!! (spring break) We are mostly going to stay around the house (Mark is taking off most of the week) and getting stuff done around the house. Here is a little list of things that I hope that we can get done:

  • get basketball hoop up
  • get garden laid out (if only on paper)
  • one night in Milwaukee (hopefully seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls)
  • get some hooks hung for around the house
  • maybe even do some thrift shopping
  • crafting with a friend
  • maybe even some play dates, or coffee dates
  • maybe decide where we want the compost to be
  • call about the insulation that we need blown into our house
  • call someone about getting the chimney swept
Not much of a list and I am sure that it will not all get done, but just some stuff on my mind.

Also on a sad note one of our friends at church lost her husband yesterday. He had chronic lung disease so I am praying that he is in heaven breathing easily. I am sure that we do not need lungs in heaven, but I still can not help but hope that he is using them without pain now. This was a long battle, but still a hard time. She is on my mind a lot.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not much to say.

I have not been writing to this blog much because I find that I have very little interesting things to say.  But today I am just going to write about nothing.

Today I am not feeling well and on days like these, here is how the day goes:

Get up early with Elijah and Mark (and mostly Ada, but today she is sick so she was sleeping).  Help Mark with Elijah's lunch/breakfast and get his stuff ready.  Say goodbye, crash on the sofa, turn on Sesame Street, sleep/blog (since you know that I do not blogging much you can guess which one I do more of :).  the rest of the day we spent reading, playing on the iPod, and generally taking it easy.  Until it is time to get Elijah.  We put Ada to sleep then I do low energy stuff with Elijah (if he is in a good mode).

Not very much fun right?  Well we are trying to make the best of it.  I am getting a lot of slow time with both of the kids and it seems to be what we all need right now (OK maybe just what I need;).

I hope that everyone out there finds that they can find good stuff in your slow times.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Potty Training take 2

This little sweet girl is trying to potty train.  She is doing a good job, better when she has a diaper on (she can keep it dry, but when she has underwear on she does not do as well.)  We are giving her a lollipop when she says she has to go and does.  Last night they both go one before bedtime so they where high on sugar and giggly messes right before bed.... it was fun.

BTW you might see the red checks on that little girl (we think she has 5th disease and croup at the same time... she is happy but sounds like a seal and has really red checks.)

You know it is sprinkle/spring around here when:

The table gets back on the porch. (now the kids will want to be eating out here all the time)

 The wash goes out on the line.

I spent time in the sun with a book.  I am afraid that I will not be able to do much of this during the summer as I seem to be having a reaction to the sun.... lets hope that lots of suntan lotion will stop it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is here .... REALLY!!!!!

All the ice is gone and most of the snow is also gone!  I LOVE IT.  I had a couple of friends of Ada's and Elijah's over (watching them for the afternoon).  I was thinking that I would just take a couple of the leaves off this bed (I was not going to do much, then I was going to sit down and read my book while the kids played in the yard), but the kids ran over and wanted to help.  And who am I to say not to free help! So I spent lots of time racking.  I think the bulbs that my Mom and I planted in the fall are much happier not under all that leaf layer.  The kids had so much fun  (I think I will be "helping" with these kids again, got lots more beds for them to rake;)

Here are a couple of the bulbs that we set free.  Thanks again Mom, I can not wait until the start blooming.

And here are some of the kids on top and under the porch.  I have been working on my first sweater and it coming right along.  I will try and take some photos soon.  Other then that I have not been feeling well so I have not been writing much.  I am hoping that with spring coming that I will start feeling better.  (I have not been writing much as I do not want to be all sad and depressing, I have been writing when I have at least some happy and good things to say.)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lots of little stuff

One of the great joys of making egg free stuff is that you can lick the bowl.  Ada and I made cookies the other day.... they do not come out as thick as egg ones (or at least I can not make them thick), but they where good. 

Ada is growing in so many ways and talks ALL the time.  Her new love is waiting for "sprinkle" otherwise known to the rest of the world as spring.  She has a list of things things that will happen when "sprinkle" comes.  I love it.

Elijah is still LOVING school.  I can hardly believe how much he is learning everyday.  When he was a itty bitty baby I could not even believe that we would ever be sending him away to school and here we are. 

 Ada also has learned that she can pick on her brother.  Last night Elijah come up stairs to tell us that Ada was playing with "food" down stairs and she was "making something that she kept telling Elijah "it has eggs in it, so you can not have any."  Little stinker!

These last 2 photos are of Ada saying "MELT ice, MELT!!!!"  she is really ready for spring..... she is so her mothers daughter:)

We got a new computer (laptop) so I am hoping that I will be able to be here more often.

Spring is here....kinda

The kids where so happy to have warm weather that we all went out side to play... OK I was in that chair most of the time, but we where all outside:)

Can you see how think that ice is? Did someone forget to tell it that it is spring?

Come on it is in the 30s so it must be spring right?

It does look like spring right?

Can you see how red her hands are?