Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is here .... REALLY!!!!!

All the ice is gone and most of the snow is also gone!  I LOVE IT.  I had a couple of friends of Ada's and Elijah's over (watching them for the afternoon).  I was thinking that I would just take a couple of the leaves off this bed (I was not going to do much, then I was going to sit down and read my book while the kids played in the yard), but the kids ran over and wanted to help.  And who am I to say not to free help! So I spent lots of time racking.  I think the bulbs that my Mom and I planted in the fall are much happier not under all that leaf layer.  The kids had so much fun  (I think I will be "helping" with these kids again, got lots more beds for them to rake;)

Here are a couple of the bulbs that we set free.  Thanks again Mom, I can not wait until the start blooming.

And here are some of the kids on top and under the porch.  I have been working on my first sweater and it coming right along.  I will try and take some photos soon.  Other then that I have not been feeling well so I have not been writing much.  I am hoping that with spring coming that I will start feeling better.  (I have not been writing much as I do not want to be all sad and depressing, I have been writing when I have at least some happy and good things to say.)


Kari said...

I need to plant some bulbs!! This fall remind me - I'm jealous of your spring flowers

baarbara toothpick said...

I am so glad your bulbs are coming up. While i thought i had dug all of them from the community garden... there are at least 2000 left! Jeff is a wonder. We had such fun. Worked three and a half hours! Are going back Saturday morning. It is going to be the best garden ever!!!!!!

can't wait o see your sweeter. barbara