Friday, March 26, 2010

How Baby travels

This shirt is perfect for carrying a baby in. She started doing this after see the new twins in the neighborhood in their baby carriers. So cute.

Mark let me sleep in (well I did not get up and he did not make me:). Elijah gets out early today and then we have 10 days of sleeping in!!!! (spring break) We are mostly going to stay around the house (Mark is taking off most of the week) and getting stuff done around the house. Here is a little list of things that I hope that we can get done:

  • get basketball hoop up
  • get garden laid out (if only on paper)
  • one night in Milwaukee (hopefully seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls)
  • get some hooks hung for around the house
  • maybe even do some thrift shopping
  • crafting with a friend
  • maybe even some play dates, or coffee dates
  • maybe decide where we want the compost to be
  • call about the insulation that we need blown into our house
  • call someone about getting the chimney swept
Not much of a list and I am sure that it will not all get done, but just some stuff on my mind.

Also on a sad note one of our friends at church lost her husband yesterday. He had chronic lung disease so I am praying that he is in heaven breathing easily. I am sure that we do not need lungs in heaven, but I still can not help but hope that he is using them without pain now. This was a long battle, but still a hard time. She is on my mind a lot.

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Kari said...

a week off - no alarms - heavenly