Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Too Cute

This is what I think she might look like as a teenager:)

Just a cute one. Man she is getting to be a big girl.

Break From Trip Photos

So we have been having a great time. Most of the trouble that I was having with Elijah before the trip is gone (thank goodness). He is back to being his sweet self. He and Ada have been playing SUPER well together and it is fun to watch. Many days he says "I want to have some play time with Ada." (and she LOVES playing with him, even if it means that she might be bouncing off the walls:)

Ada has been growing so fast it is hard to keep up with her. She talks up a storm! Yesterday when asked her mommy was she took a hold of me and "Ada's Mommy!" When my friend asked her if I was also Elijah's mommy she said "NO!" I asked where Elijah's mommy was and she said " She went bye bye" (she's a trouble maker in the making:)

We are also in the process of getting rid of her NUK's. So far so good, but it has only been a little over a day. She was waking up in the middle of the night when they fell out and screaming at the top of her little lungs. We where getting really sick of that, so one night I just stopped going in. When she asks about them we just say NUK went bye bye (I hope this has nothing to do with Elijah's mommy going bye bye).

These photos are a couple of weeks old, but they where so fun I wanted to put them up.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Trip Photos (Reading)

This is the second installment of our trip to PA (no cool craft stuff or funny stories mostly just photos.)

When we finally got to the hotel we where all a bit ready to have a break... I had mine with this wine.... yumm yumm.

Thank goodness Nana had stickers and crayons!

that they have McDonald's in PA:)

Nana and Ada Liz.

It is wonderful to have family!

Here you can see our Ada Liz when she is ready for a nap.... she kinda gets silly (boy is that nice!).

Can you see him?

How knew that an ottoman could be so much fun?

I HAD to go shopping (it is my favorite outlet.)

You can make a toy out of almost anything.

A REALLY good reason to visit and a really good reason I do not live there (I would be eating these chips alllllll day long... I might even have to hide them so no one would know I was always eating them;)

Fun at the park with friends.

She is teaching Elijah all kinds of cool things (she also showed him how to skip rocks.)

Ada Liz in her dress and in the mud (she was M A D when we left this spot to eat lunch)

Fun noise makers that I got for the kids (Mark even was ok with them... sorta).

Thank you Nana for a great visit.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First part of our train trip

We gad a great time on our train trip. I was hoping that I would be able to write a couple of really long blogs with lots of details, but I am just to far behind to do that so.... you get a brief story and lots of photos (this might take just as long, but it is less thinking on my part (heehee)

Elijah was just getting way to antsy by the time the bus ride was over that I thought that Mark might just blow steam out of his head (I know this look as I have had it MANY times with Elijah;) So I took Elijah for a walk and got to walk the whole train. It was fun to be doing stuff with Elijah and not fighting with him (He and I had a REALLY ruff patch right before the trip).

We also found this cool hand dryer (man was it fast cold air)

Just a shot of the 2 of us on our "anti-antsy" walk

Here we are in our room on the train... finally. The room was wonderful and big(ish) for a train.

Dinner is included and boy was it good (well maybe that was the wine talking:)

We had to change trains at (Oh my Goodness ) 5am and here we are at that hour, trying to look happy.

We spent a lot of time watching a movies.

Piggy wanted to see out the window also... too cute.

Lots of card games.

Lots of craft projects (glue sticks rock! thank you Stephanie for the idea)

Nothing feels as good as sleeping on Dad's shoulder.

Here we are in PA!!! All happy and mostly well rested. More tomorrow (I know you are not sure how you can wait that long, but you will have to:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Still here

I am still here.  Not sure why but I have been unable to blog, read blogs, FB or, e-mail last week.  Well I hope that I am more into it this week.  This is a photo of us this week at the park.  I have lots to tell you about and lots of photos to share and I will try and get to that this week.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Well I was sitting down to down load photos and write a nice blog about our trip.... but I left my cord for the camera on my mom's computer.... bummer. I am hoping that Mark will have an extra one that I can use until my mom can send mine... but until then you will just have to deal with words and stories.

We are having a wonderful day here (it is 67.6 out there right now!!!). Today has been made up of outside, working out (with both kids boy is that fun... but I am not sure it would be as much fun without them), lots of singing (we have been using Pandora Radio and if you have not tried it you should, it is great.) I have a Abba station that the kids and I love to listen to, and much silliness.

I hope that everyone is having a nice day as well.... now maybe I should read some of those 174 blogs that I missed (darn bloglines;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still Here

There are still 4 of us and we are still having lots of fun.  Tons of stories and photos when we get home.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hi From Our Trip

Well I was so busy before we left for our trip that I did not even have time to warn you I would be off line for a while. We are having a GREAT time. We took the train and got to stay in a sleeper car which is COOOOOOL. I have lots of lots of photos and lots of stories
Here are some photos from the bus ride down to the train, I will write stories later.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Basement Clean Up!

I have had a REALLY hard week with Elijah... He has been a @#$@@#$#@@@#$%%%&&& OK now that I got that out, he has been a pill. He fights me on EVERYTHING and hits and screams about EVERYTHING ( I am not making this up you can just ask my friends that have seen us in the last week.) So on Saturday (Mark had to work) and Elijah did it AGAIN for the UMPTEENTH time I lost it and ended up crying on the phone to my friend Buran. He and I talked and we worked out that maybe what he needed was a place to run off some steam. We have a huge basement and that seemed like the best location for him to do this. Buran then offered to come to my house and help me make a play area for the kids and yesterday he come over with his 2 kids in tow (yes that is right we had 4 kids and a basement to fix up... are we crazy or just hopeful. Not sure about Buran but I was REALLY close to crazy and was will to do almost anything;) So here are some photos of what it looked like after we where part way through (I forgot to take photos when we first started.)

And here is what it looked like after we where done. The first photo is of the "fort", the second if of the art/play area (both of these 2 areas have carpet thanks to my friend Kari) and the third area is of the race track. I love it and the kids to also!!!

Elijah already asked to go down there today:) Thank you so much Buran!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Photos

New Dress from Grandma. Thanks Grandma, she loves it.


Have hammer, cute sunglasses, epi-pen container (she did not get the epi-pen), will travel:)

Now that I do not need the all that hand stuff I have given it to the kids and they are loving playing sick with it.

Number one Soooo cute.

I have been sewing and will have photos for you tomorrow... I hope;)