Monday, March 16, 2009


Well I was sitting down to down load photos and write a nice blog about our trip.... but I left my cord for the camera on my mom's computer.... bummer. I am hoping that Mark will have an extra one that I can use until my mom can send mine... but until then you will just have to deal with words and stories.

We are having a wonderful day here (it is 67.6 out there right now!!!). Today has been made up of outside, working out (with both kids boy is that fun... but I am not sure it would be as much fun without them), lots of singing (we have been using Pandora Radio and if you have not tried it you should, it is great.) I have a Abba station that the kids and I love to listen to, and much silliness.

I hope that everyone is having a nice day as well.... now maybe I should read some of those 174 blogs that I missed (darn bloglines;)

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