Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Basement Clean Up!

I have had a REALLY hard week with Elijah... He has been a @#$@@#$#@@@#$%%%&&& OK now that I got that out, he has been a pill. He fights me on EVERYTHING and hits and screams about EVERYTHING ( I am not making this up you can just ask my friends that have seen us in the last week.) So on Saturday (Mark had to work) and Elijah did it AGAIN for the UMPTEENTH time I lost it and ended up crying on the phone to my friend Buran. He and I talked and we worked out that maybe what he needed was a place to run off some steam. We have a huge basement and that seemed like the best location for him to do this. Buran then offered to come to my house and help me make a play area for the kids and yesterday he come over with his 2 kids in tow (yes that is right we had 4 kids and a basement to fix up... are we crazy or just hopeful. Not sure about Buran but I was REALLY close to crazy and was will to do almost anything;) So here are some photos of what it looked like after we where part way through (I forgot to take photos when we first started.)

And here is what it looked like after we where done. The first photo is of the "fort", the second if of the art/play area (both of these 2 areas have carpet thanks to my friend Kari) and the third area is of the race track. I love it and the kids to also!!!

Elijah already asked to go down there today:) Thank you so much Buran!

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Yarni Gras! said...

When my son hit that age, he did the same thing. He was super busy too...so we did a lot of outside activities. When he was 6, we enrolled him in Taekwondo and it was the BEST thing ever. Really helped him redirect his energy, etc.