Friday, May 28, 2010

My two goof balls

Ada and I went with Elijah's class to the zoo today. Notes to self: never be a school teacher not cut out for it, school teachers do not get payed enough money, get something wonderful for end of year gift for his teacher (she desires it), teachers are crazy why else would they take all those kids to the zoo:) Just kidding, mostly. It was a fun trip and the kids I had where good.

I have not been quilting lately, been working on garden stuff (wonderful friend dropped off lots of plants that need to be planted and a ton of bulbs (did you see me do the happy dance just then?) ), doctors, end of school, teacher gifts, OK and a little bit of sleeping.

One last note I saw an Oriole the yesterday.... very cool. Did not get a good look at it, but I saw the orange and black... not much else it could be... oh and lots of catbirds around our house.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Date Night

Last night I had a date with my favorite son. For my b-day he wanted to take me to a movie (just him and me). So last night we went out to dinner and a movie. We had a wonderful dinner at one of Elijah's favorite places to eat, sat outside and enjoyed the wonderful weather and then went to see How to Train Your Dragon . Mark gave Elijah money so that he could pay for the movie and he felt like a big boy doing.... super cute. It was a wonderful sweet night.

Ada is having her last day of school right now and soon I will go pick her up...right now she is ok with the fact that school is done, but I wonder how she is going to feel about this next week.....

Well I should go and get her. Hope you are having nice weather where ever you are.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Your my last best friend

This is what Elijah calls me when I am being "mean" (ie making him carry is backpack in the house and closing the van door behind him).

On the other hand Ada just told me that I was her first best friend.

I love them both, but one is going to be in their room for a bit.... think that he needs a nap (he will not take one, but he needs one).

Good thing to see

Monday, May 24, 2010

End of day report

Ada and I had a great time in the basement. Me working on my quilt and her playing/singing/puzzling/dressing up/making food (some with LOTS of eggs:)/and all around fun. I got lots done and only stopped because I thought I should feed her lunch.... silly food thing.... Then after that we picked up E and went to see my friend and her kids. I have not seen her since she was 41 weeks pregnant (her sweet baby just turned 5 weeks) it has been way to long!

We came home to a warm house, not to hot, but to hot to want to make dinner so we had our first meat/cheese/veggie/fruit dinner picnic style in the basement where it was cool. If you have never tried this for dinner you should all you have to do is pick out your favorite cheeses, meat (we use sliced meat and salami style meats), fruits cut up (raspberries and strawberries tonight), veggies, and we did have bagels (we have tons of bagels right now and Mark is on a kick to make sure that we eat them all before they go bad (we have quotes for how many bagels each of us must eat a day)). We dish it all up on plates and let everyone pick what they want (well the kids have to eat some of the veggies (not hard to Ada to do, and getting easier with Elijah). Everyone loves this meal and no one fights about it....and this is a wonderful thing.

Now the kids are in bed and we are enjoying the silence (well all except that tapping on our heads... wonder what that boy is doing?.... well it is not to loud so it can not be that bad:)

Off to sew

Will check back in tomorrow.... and let you know how many blocks I get done..... added bonus it is cool in the bastment (as my kids call it:). Have a nice day, hope you stay cool or love the heat.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

You know it is spring when:

  • you are putting your wash for the week on the line on a 90 day and you are hanging up long sleeve shirts and sweaters
  • you can have a wonderful neighborhood party and it is HOT, but it could still snow (oh I hope not!!!)
  • it is close to the end of May and it is finally safe to put your plants in (I really hope it does not snow anymore:)
  • you realizes that you need to get new shoes (sandals) and new shorts for the kids (how did they grow so much since fall?)
Well just a few of the things going on here. It is probably the warmest it is going to be all summer here right now, but I hope not I hope it stays this way for a while.

Here's a photo of the not so little girl:

kinda movie starish yeah????

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where have I been???

Well this time it is not because I having been feeling bad that I have been away from here.  I have had a good week with enough energy to make it through (which for me right now is a great week:).  But you may ask have I been doing with my time if not sleeping?  Well.... get ready for it because it might knock your socks off.... I have been quilting!!!

This is the wonderful book that I am using( I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!) There is a new Material Obsessions book coming out soon and I can not wait to see it.  Anyway I am going to make this quilt out of it:

And I am going to rap it around me like that and run down the street.... ok just kidding... but I love it and hope it comes out nice.  My folks also gave me some money for getting fabric which my good friend Kari and I went and picked out last weekend and I have 6 count them 6 squares done!!! Here they are:

I got to go to the store and pick out 17 different fat quarters and I love them.  It is fun working with the fabric and they are coming out cute.  It might take me awhile to get it all done, but I love doing it so I hope I will keep at it.  (so why am I not working on it now you ask?  Well little Ada is sleeping in the car and the sewing machine is in the basement.... do not like to leave her up here while I am down there.)

Any how that is what is going on here.  Here are some plants that are waiting to get in the garden:

And here is a cute photo of my wonderful son (cause what blog would be complete without a kid photo right????)

He is pitching to his Dad.  He loves to play sports (I hope that some of his sports playing makes me loss a little bit of my weight (you know I have to run after the ball and all.... wait I make him run after the ball.... I may have to rethink my weight loss plan.... Oh well maybe tomorrow;)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Sleeping...... dreaming......sleeping.......YELLING/CRYING. Why am I not sleeping anymore? More crying. Out of bed to Elijah's room

Z: what is wrong???? (very worried)

E: I had a nightmare! (still crying very loud)

Z: What was it about? ( I am very worried as I have always had very violent and scary dreams.... come to think of it I have not had any of those in a while.. think that has something to do with the happy pills?)

E: It was Easter and I was looking for my soldier mask.

Z: (getting worried)

E: And while I was looking Ada eat all the Easter egg candy!!! It made me very sad! (little sob)

Z: (smile) It is OK it was only a dream.

E: I know but it was still sad.

Z: You know that I would never let her eat all the candy.... now go back to sleep.

Boy am I glad this is all he has to have nightmares about.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Problem that I do not mind having

Elijah had an allergy appointment yesterday. This is an every 6 months thing and we know what it it going to be like by now (long ~1.5 to 2 hours ) so we came with stuff to do, me with my book and Elijah with his Diji (he is really excited to be able to play for a long time). Well what do you think happened when we get there? That is right the silly thing is out of batteries and he says " Oh yeah I forgot to tell you it is running low on batteries!" Silly me not to of known that! Oh well we will just have to make do and we did. (Elijah found a book and started reading to me... gotta love that). So we see the doc, who BTW is THE BEST allergist in the world (OK I have not seen a lot of them but this guy is GOOD!) he sits there and answers about 1 million of my questions (that I did not know that I had;). He sometimes is in there with us for over an hour (OK most of the time he is in with us for over an hour (I have lots of questions.... no laughing... I can be a little bit of a talker). We always do the blood work before we go to see him so that we can have something to talk about (in case I should run out of things to talk about:). I do not expect anything to be any different... most of the time is test numbers are the same or wost then the last time so I do not get my hopes up. But this time his egg numbers are DOWN in half!!! (I think they are the lowest they have ever been!!!!) and the Doc says that we can try eggs cooked in things like cakes and cookies!!!!!

So you are thinking this is great but what does it have to do with your title? (if you are not thinking this it might be because I have written so much you have forgotten where I started this whole thing.... that happens to me a lot so I will wait while you look back up at the top.....................) Done yet? OK so last night I was thinking that I should go to the store and get eggs and stuff to make cookies (here comes the problem that I do not mind having) and I think to myself..... where are the eggs at the store???? I know they have eggs and they are probably in the dairy sections but it has been 6 years since I bought eggs so I am not sure:)

I did get eggs and all the stuff for cookies and I might even make the batter up (the oven is running for the next 5 hours with this chicken in it so I do not think I can make them, but I can have them ready.... or I could read a book.... not sure which will win yet:)

Hope you can all have problems that you do not mind having today.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Things I like. Things I do not like.

I do not have any photos since I put them all up yesterday so today you just get a list (and you can decide which is which)

  • 10:40 naps (she was crying and I told her she could have the shirt she wanted if she took a nap or she could put a short sleeve shirt on..... she wanted her shirt and a nap.... really what I wanted too:)
  • e-mails from friends far way (really far away) that know what it feels like to be sick and tiered, but can bring a smile to your face
  • potty training that seems to be going the wrong direction (note to self pick out new fabric for chairs)
  • little kids singing in front of a whole school and parents ( he did a great job)
  • family that understands when you need a little help with silly easy things.
  • a mom that knows exactly the right thing to get you for your birthday (a wonderful bracelet)
  • me for being able to tell people exactly what I want for my b-day
  • potty training (note to self fold the 10 loads of laundry that I have been doing)
  • teachers who are wonderful and listen
  • gardens that have little plants coming out (beans, beets, cauliflower, kohlrabi so far but I have not looked yet today)
  • Husband that helps plant garden so I can look at it everyday and wonder what new will be coming up
  • Husband that gives the kids a penny for every dandelion that they pick (stops them from seeding) (Didn't they do that in New York City with the rats?)
  • wonderful friends who take your kids (thanks again Brian)
  • potty training (note to self do not have more kids can not do this again)
I guess there where not all that many things I did not like...That makes one more thing I like, not having to many things that are bad about my life. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Too many photos not enough to say

Ada and Lizzy

Yummy lunch

You would think that as much as she loves this doll she could get her some clothes;)

Pretty in Pink

Who said that leafs are just for fall fun.

Ada made this self portrait

Flowers from the garden

This is my secret tree... you can only really see it from my bathroom and my closet, but it brings me great joy.

Our giving tree

Making a river with friends

Grilled pizza (yes summer is really on the way)

Well that is all for now, but if you have time you should check out this website for humming birds.  Cool.