Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where have I been???

Well this time it is not because I having been feeling bad that I have been away from here.  I have had a good week with enough energy to make it through (which for me right now is a great week:).  But you may ask have I been doing with my time if not sleeping?  Well.... get ready for it because it might knock your socks off.... I have been quilting!!!

This is the wonderful book that I am using( I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!) There is a new Material Obsessions book coming out soon and I can not wait to see it.  Anyway I am going to make this quilt out of it:

And I am going to rap it around me like that and run down the street.... ok just kidding... but I love it and hope it comes out nice.  My folks also gave me some money for getting fabric which my good friend Kari and I went and picked out last weekend and I have 6 count them 6 squares done!!! Here they are:

I got to go to the store and pick out 17 different fat quarters and I love them.  It is fun working with the fabric and they are coming out cute.  It might take me awhile to get it all done, but I love doing it so I hope I will keep at it.  (so why am I not working on it now you ask?  Well little Ada is sleeping in the car and the sewing machine is in the basement.... do not like to leave her up here while I am down there.)

Any how that is what is going on here.  Here are some plants that are waiting to get in the garden:

And here is a cute photo of my wonderful son (cause what blog would be complete without a kid photo right????)

He is pitching to his Dad.  He loves to play sports (I hope that some of his sports playing makes me loss a little bit of my weight (you know I have to run after the ball and all.... wait I make him run after the ball.... I may have to rethink my weight loss plan.... Oh well maybe tomorrow;)


Kari said...

they are turning out really cute!can't wait to see more;)

Johanna said...

Lovely quilt, but I bet I finish mine first!
And I definitely think you should go running down the street in it.