Friday, May 28, 2010

My two goof balls

Ada and I went with Elijah's class to the zoo today. Notes to self: never be a school teacher not cut out for it, school teachers do not get payed enough money, get something wonderful for end of year gift for his teacher (she desires it), teachers are crazy why else would they take all those kids to the zoo:) Just kidding, mostly. It was a fun trip and the kids I had where good.

I have not been quilting lately, been working on garden stuff (wonderful friend dropped off lots of plants that need to be planted and a ton of bulbs (did you see me do the happy dance just then?) ), doctors, end of school, teacher gifts, OK and a little bit of sleeping.

One last note I saw an Oriole the yesterday.... very cool. Did not get a good look at it, but I saw the orange and black... not much else it could be... oh and lots of catbirds around our house.

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