Thursday, May 13, 2010


Sleeping...... dreaming......sleeping.......YELLING/CRYING. Why am I not sleeping anymore? More crying. Out of bed to Elijah's room

Z: what is wrong???? (very worried)

E: I had a nightmare! (still crying very loud)

Z: What was it about? ( I am very worried as I have always had very violent and scary dreams.... come to think of it I have not had any of those in a while.. think that has something to do with the happy pills?)

E: It was Easter and I was looking for my soldier mask.

Z: (getting worried)

E: And while I was looking Ada eat all the Easter egg candy!!! It made me very sad! (little sob)

Z: (smile) It is OK it was only a dream.

E: I know but it was still sad.

Z: You know that I would never let her eat all the candy.... now go back to sleep.

Boy am I glad this is all he has to have nightmares about.

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