Monday, May 24, 2010

End of day report

Ada and I had a great time in the basement. Me working on my quilt and her playing/singing/puzzling/dressing up/making food (some with LOTS of eggs:)/and all around fun. I got lots done and only stopped because I thought I should feed her lunch.... silly food thing.... Then after that we picked up E and went to see my friend and her kids. I have not seen her since she was 41 weeks pregnant (her sweet baby just turned 5 weeks) it has been way to long!

We came home to a warm house, not to hot, but to hot to want to make dinner so we had our first meat/cheese/veggie/fruit dinner picnic style in the basement where it was cool. If you have never tried this for dinner you should all you have to do is pick out your favorite cheeses, meat (we use sliced meat and salami style meats), fruits cut up (raspberries and strawberries tonight), veggies, and we did have bagels (we have tons of bagels right now and Mark is on a kick to make sure that we eat them all before they go bad (we have quotes for how many bagels each of us must eat a day)). We dish it all up on plates and let everyone pick what they want (well the kids have to eat some of the veggies (not hard to Ada to do, and getting easier with Elijah). Everyone loves this meal and no one fights about it....and this is a wonderful thing.

Now the kids are in bed and we are enjoying the silence (well all except that tapping on our heads... wonder what that boy is doing?.... well it is not to loud so it can not be that bad:)

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