Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Problem that I do not mind having

Elijah had an allergy appointment yesterday. This is an every 6 months thing and we know what it it going to be like by now (long ~1.5 to 2 hours ) so we came with stuff to do, me with my book and Elijah with his Diji (he is really excited to be able to play for a long time). Well what do you think happened when we get there? That is right the silly thing is out of batteries and he says " Oh yeah I forgot to tell you it is running low on batteries!" Silly me not to of known that! Oh well we will just have to make do and we did. (Elijah found a book and started reading to me... gotta love that). So we see the doc, who BTW is THE BEST allergist in the world (OK I have not seen a lot of them but this guy is GOOD!) he sits there and answers about 1 million of my questions (that I did not know that I had;). He sometimes is in there with us for over an hour (OK most of the time he is in with us for over an hour (I have lots of questions.... no laughing... I can be a little bit of a talker). We always do the blood work before we go to see him so that we can have something to talk about (in case I should run out of things to talk about:). I do not expect anything to be any different... most of the time is test numbers are the same or wost then the last time so I do not get my hopes up. But this time his egg numbers are DOWN in half!!! (I think they are the lowest they have ever been!!!!) and the Doc says that we can try eggs cooked in things like cakes and cookies!!!!!

So you are thinking this is great but what does it have to do with your title? (if you are not thinking this it might be because I have written so much you have forgotten where I started this whole thing.... that happens to me a lot so I will wait while you look back up at the top.....................) Done yet? OK so last night I was thinking that I should go to the store and get eggs and stuff to make cookies (here comes the problem that I do not mind having) and I think to myself..... where are the eggs at the store???? I know they have eggs and they are probably in the dairy sections but it has been 6 years since I bought eggs so I am not sure:)

I did get eggs and all the stuff for cookies and I might even make the batter up (the oven is running for the next 5 hours with this chicken in it so I do not think I can make them, but I can have them ready.... or I could read a book.... not sure which will win yet:)

Hope you can all have problems that you do not mind having today.

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Stephanie said...

AWESOME NEWS, zoe!! I'll call you soon. xo