Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Things I like. Things I do not like.

I do not have any photos since I put them all up yesterday so today you just get a list (and you can decide which is which)

  • 10:40 naps (she was crying and I told her she could have the shirt she wanted if she took a nap or she could put a short sleeve shirt on..... she wanted her shirt and a nap.... really what I wanted too:)
  • e-mails from friends far way (really far away) that know what it feels like to be sick and tiered, but can bring a smile to your face
  • potty training that seems to be going the wrong direction (note to self pick out new fabric for chairs)
  • little kids singing in front of a whole school and parents ( he did a great job)
  • family that understands when you need a little help with silly easy things.
  • a mom that knows exactly the right thing to get you for your birthday (a wonderful bracelet)
  • me for being able to tell people exactly what I want for my b-day
  • potty training (note to self fold the 10 loads of laundry that I have been doing)
  • teachers who are wonderful and listen
  • gardens that have little plants coming out (beans, beets, cauliflower, kohlrabi so far but I have not looked yet today)
  • Husband that helps plant garden so I can look at it everyday and wonder what new will be coming up
  • Husband that gives the kids a penny for every dandelion that they pick (stops them from seeding) (Didn't they do that in New York City with the rats?)
  • wonderful friends who take your kids (thanks again Brian)
  • potty training (note to self do not have more kids can not do this again)
I guess there where not all that many things I did not like...That makes one more thing I like, not having to many things that are bad about my life. Have a nice day.