Monday, July 5, 2010

The 4th

We had a great 4th.  There was a party at a local park.  It had games, tye dyeing, bike parade, and lots of food and fun people to talk to.  It was also not so crowded that you did not want to be there:)  I did not get many photos (I hurt my ankle and was mostly sitting with ice on it) but here are the couple I have:

The bikes:

Daddy love.

Riding in the parade.

Happy Beach times

These photos are from a couple of weeks ago, but they are still fun:



 How much stuff do you think we might need for one day at the beach???? And yes that is some one working on a computer at the beach, but they where not with us.... kids, water, sand, computer does anyone else think this is asking for trouble????

Fun in the sand.

Sand + water = FUN

Sweet baby in sweet mommies arms.

Are you getting sick of these tongue shots???? Me to:)

Ice cream truck.

Really not sure what he is doing to his brother, but I know it was loving.  I think he was looking for something.

New pet.

Well we where wondering when our next nature project would start and now we have it.  Last week someone from Elijah's school sent out an e-mail asking if anyone wanted to raise some monark butterflies.  I wrote back as fast as I could and we got 2.  Here is one of them:

One is named crazy caterpillar and the other is named crazy caterpillar that eats leafs and poops.  I think this might be the poop one, not sure:)  I will keep you up to date on the progress as it happens. (I know you all will be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting;) 

As for the bunnies the story is that we had baby bunnies in the yard and the boys (a group of Elijah's friends) pulled them out of the hole.  I forgot to tell them about the bunnies and not to bug them (I love that a boy would just pull them out and not think about it).  Anyway the bunnies left the nest (not before I took some photos) and moved into a small bush (much better place in my mind then the lawn).  The mom is still coming and feeding them, so we will have more bunnies soon....... so that they can eat all my garden...... wait why did I want them to live?........ but they are cute! 

I have tons of photos to show you from the last couple weeks, but Elijah is sitting here wanting something to eat, so I must do something about that.  I will try and get back later today and post 4th photos.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Started working on the embroidery for my quilt and I am LOVING IT!!!! I have 2 3/4 done of the 8. 

Other then that it has been an uneventful day .... trip to JoAnn's (for needles and hoop), library (to get movie Neverending Story ( the kids liked it), Target (for our first of the month need lots of stuff run). 

I did not write yesterday because I was feeling sick.  Thankfully a wonderful friend came and took the kids for the WHOLE day.  Man I have good friends.  It felt nice to just sit and enjoy my house without anyone in it.