Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And so it starts.

My husband is a wonderful packer (and not the green bay kind). Most... well ok maybe even all of our moves (and there have been a lot of them) have been done with Mark packing most of the stuff in our increasingly larger household and he does a great job. There is no point if fighting the way he does it (I learned that early on, it took awhile as I am stubborn, but I did get it in the end.) So when he started packing this weekend I was not surprised, but I had to give it a little try so that maybe he would not stress to much:

Z: You know that we have over 2 months until we move right?
M: (stopping looking for the right thing to fit in the box he is working on) I know I am running behind! (smiling)

So we sit down to dinner later and I go to reach for the salt and pepper shaker and they are gone (they where the right shape for a spot in a box he was working on:) Oh well we still have the salt container... for now. LOL

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sometimes it is the simple things

Today I decided for breakfast I was going to lay down a new law. But let me back up a bit and give you an idea what b-fast is like when I am serving:

I get Ada a yogurt
E: I want a big boy yogurt! and not that one!
I get him the one he wants after I get mad and tell him to be nicer, and of course count him.

I get Ada toast (she yells because you have to wait for the toaster)
E: I want toast too with jelly, please (maybe nicer because of the look I gave him he is learning.)

I get Ada milk (she is screaming for it)
E: Can I have juice?
M: No you have to have milk first (I say this EVERY day!)

By now everyone is out of food and asking for more.
(note that I have had NOTHING and have been running the whole time, just a side note why am I not a size 8? )

There is almost always some screaming and yelling (mostly the kids, but I am sorry to have to say that sometimes it is me)

So today I decided that I would make the whole b-fast at once and they would get what the kitchen was serving. I made a plate for both of them with yogurt, cereal, toast (with jelly of course), and milk then I set a timer and said this is what is for b-fast and here is how long you have to eat. It worked and there was NO yelling (even by me;) (well except for when Ada was all done, saw the peeps and thought that I was a BAD mom for not letting her have one with b-fast.... silly girl peeks are for snack)

And because I just learned that my Dad does not read my blogs and just looks at the photos here are a couple of photos for him:

Just being silly.

I asked if I could take a photo and he said "Yes but do not put it on the blog!" But when I said OK he wanted me to put it on... I asked again today and even offered to take another one and he said I should put it up.

One more cute one from the other day at the coffee shop.

She now says "I want to go coffee shopping"

Friday, April 24, 2009


We had a wonderful day yesterday.  Here are some photos from the day.

Ada and I had a very nice time at the coffee shop while we where waiting for Elijah to get done at pre-school.  (you can even see some crumbs from the yummy that we shared). Do you think I should send this to Starbucks and see if I could get them to pay me lots of money for it? ;) just kidding.
Next we went to the park where we had lunch with friends.  It was a warmish day and the sun was wonderful. 
Lots of bubbles.... Thanks again Kate!
Then into the zoo.... we brought our own monkeys (grin).
Thankfully there is thick glass or the lion would have had a picnic also.
E: Maybe when I am 6 I will be as big as the gibbon!
And of course one more playground before we could call it a day.
Friends are great!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Because

Steaming Mad!

Here is a story from last week that I had to put to ink cyber space.

We where running late.

Trying to run out the door, pick up little girl (what is that I smell?), run up stairs change diaper, run down stairs, yell ask Elijah to put shoes on, run out to start car

As I am going out I hear Elijah say to Ada Liz "shhhh wait for Mommy to go"
Z: (He is SOOOO not going to have his shoes on when I get back!)

So I run back inside (still feeling the presser of the day weighing down on me and it is not even 8:30!) I see the shoes still sitting in the same spot! Now I am steaming mad, fire coming out of my head mad. I walk around the corner my hole body tense with anger and I see........

Both kids sitting on the floor and Elijah is putting Ada's shoes on.
E: I am helping put her with her shoes! (very proud)

***Insert melted heart here****

I stopped took a deep breath and hugged both my kids. We took our time getting out to the car, had a fun ride in and where still on time.....

And just because I think everyone needs one look of a jelly girl here is a photo:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Too cold for me outside.

So we are back in... it is not very cold but it is windy and it was to cold for me.... so I got the kids in to watch TV (does that make me a bad mom??? No! ). Now I can do another post with some photos that I have had on my camera for WEEKS now.

Just a cute photo of Spiderman... who knew Spiderman could be so cute?

He just looks so old in this photo... I can almost see his teenage years.
Wait for me brother! (he did)
Just because she is so cute.

Last week at the book store with Mary.  Mary wanted a new hair cut and the other kids just had fun "reading" magazines.  Nice time.

What it has been more then a week since I posted???

OK so I have been taking time off... to do silly things like

  • sell a house
  • clean a house
  • buy a house
  • think about packing (this is REALLY hard)
  • starting to go through stuff
  • cleaning house again (a couple of showings so far)
  • leaving house for showings (what to do with kids?)
  • clean house again
  • clean van out of all the stuff that has been staying in there because I have not wanted all that stuff in my clean house.
Does that seem like enough to make you forgive me for not writing? Well to tell the truth we have also been:

  • going to parks with friends (LONG times at the park.... lots of fun!)
  • going to the library
  • having play dates
  • starting to workout again (thank you Stephanie for KICKING my B*## into gear).
  • playing with the kids
  • and of course all the things that have to be done like cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, Target shopping, and did I mention cleaning????
Boy I can not wait to be in the new house... Did I tell you that I was going to have a CRAFT SPACE????? I am very excited about it!!! (I will have to share it with Mark, but still...). I can hardly wait for lots of crafting.... HAHAHHHAAAA (like that is going to happen).

Now I must get the kids in the back yard before they drive me completely nuts! (smile)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Done (but then a mothers work is never really done.)

Got the linen closet done!!!

Now I am going work on what we are going to have for dinner, putting some of the 13million loads of laundry away, pick up some of the toys, do the dishes from lunch, put the load of laundry in the drier (making it 13million and one loads to put away)...... stop the kids from yelling at one and other.....

Have a nice night.

Nada Zip Zilch

That is what I got done on my list yesterday. But today I had a new list:
  • Clean van out (mostly just get the trash out)
  • Clean down stairs closet
  • Clean laundry room floor
  • Clean front door (Elijah and I did this and it was fun)
  • Clean linen closet ( I hope to still get to this today)
Boy that list looks mighty like yesterdays list yes? I also had a list of stuff that had to get done: (and I did all of this)
  • Take Elijah to school (even after he said he did not want to go and that he did not have to go... boy will he be surprised next year when he is in K)
  • Pick up books at the library (Stephanie has got me making a hold list at the library and some of the books are coming in... fun!)
  • Pick Elijah up from school (this is more important the dropping him off:)
  • Stop at hardware store
Then there was the list of stuff that I wish had not happened:
  • Slam Ada-Liz's hand in the door (she is OK now)
  • Yell at Elijah because we where running late
  • Change a dirty diaper just as we where trying to get out the door because we where running late.
Well that is my day. The house is a little closer to getting on the market. We are having an open house this weekend so that is a good thing.

Monday, April 13, 2009


We are having a nice day so far. It has gotten a little cool here (42) (I know a month ago I thought that was SOOOO warm, but now I am ready for 70's). We moved slow this morning and just took our time getting out of the house. Then we went to the library and got a bunch of books (God bless the library) (I got some fun craft books I will tell you about them if they are good.) Then we went off to get the kids some Crocs (of course they did not have any:( ) But we did get Elijah some sandals (after we lost the pair on the cruise we needed a new pair. Then we went to the coffee shop. Now I should start in on my list for the day:
  • clean out coat closet
  • clean out linen closet
  • clean out car
  • clean out pantry
We will see how I do will this list. I will check back in later and let you know how I did.

Easter (a little late)

Here are the cute Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny brought the kids.

The Peep Bunnies where a BIG hit.

"see Mom I can get the whole thing in my mouth at one time"

Last week

Well you maybe wondering what has happened to me, well we are in the process of buying a new house and it has been taking most of my spare blogging time. I know where are my priorities?

I have not talked about the new house much because I did not want to ginch it, but at this point I guess I can just talk about it and if it does not go through we do not have to pack all our stuff up (way to look at the positive right:). I also have not talked about it because we only moved into this house a couple of years ago and I am feeling silly that we are moving again. I kinda talked my husband into this house (I did not know this until recently) and as it turns out it was not the right place for us. I love that it is a new house and that it does not require a lot of work on our part. I also love the layout and the way the house flows. But we want to be closer in. We want to be able to walk to things. Out here we have to drive to EVERYTHING, and we would like to just be able to walk to some stuff (before we moved here we walked A LOT and now we NEVER walk). So we have an offer in on a 91 year old house. (The blog maybe filled with house repairs instead of craft for a while;) It is the same size as this house but it has more rooms. I am even going to have a space for my crafts that is not in the living room!!!! (I am going to share the attic with Mark) I am hoping that means that I can have more crafting time or at least get more done because I can leave it out.

Well that is all the rambling time I have right now, but if you do not hear from me in a while that is what is going on. This week we will know if it is going to go through and I am hoping (cross fingers) that I will have more time (haahaaa) to blog. Forget about all the time it is going to take me to have this house on the market (maybe I will just leave a link to my blog as an excuse for not cleaning the house heeeheee).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

E: I think I know a little bit about what you should do when someone is sick.

Z: Oh what is that?

E: (looking at me knowingly ) Not take photos of them.

This was right after seeing this .... Man I am going to have to start hiding my blogs from him;)

More Crafts

I made a couple of things to take on our train trip with us for family and I never got to show them to you so here they are:

I got the idea for these from Sew Darn Cute. I love that book. They are coasters for my MIL. She liked them.

I also made the headband that my mom is wearing in this photo. It is also from Sew Darn Cute. I did make a small change to the way she made it, but other then that it was an easy project. My mom liked it A LOT. (she asked if I would make more for her (which I will) and my dad asked if I would make one for him (to keep his hair out of his eyes while he is driving) so now I have to come up with a way to make it less cute:)

The kids

This one is not feeling well today (you made the right choice Buran).

Our little cowgirl?

He "Reads" to Her

Don't they look cute... maybe it is just because I am there mom.

Just Jelly

No wait I think there is a little girl in there also. (heehee)

Two Little Monsters

And you thought I was talking about the kids:) I made these yesterday at my friend Kari's house. She had a 1/2 day of work and we decided to make it a 1/2 craft day (we got there around noon and left around 7:30 so not really a 1/2 day but TONS of fun.) I made these monsters out of this book, it is a great one. ( I will say that I made them much bigger then she called for in the book. I do not think that it would be doable at the size she said... well not doable by me that is:)

Here is a photo of the back of them. The kids picked out the fabrics.

Here are 4 little monsters (OK most of the time the big ones are just kids, but they are transformers also.) (oh and you can see the stage curtain that I made for the puppet theater. I had a craft day here last week and worked on them.)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Fun.

We went to a gourd fair and it was fun.

"Oh my Goodness I did not know that they could do such cool things with gourds!"

After we went for a walk... it was warmer then it looks... kinda:)

Wonderful Spring!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh the joys of the car wash.

E: Ada do you want to go to the tree party?
A: Yes
E: Well you can't because you were not invited. (in a not so nice way)
Z: Elijah that is not nice!
E: But I am just telling her what the invitation says.

Mind you the invitation is only in his head.

That is all I have for now.... I just put both kids in their rooms crying (and one kicking and hitting) so I am going to go read a magazine.... oh the joy of kids.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009