Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What it has been more then a week since I posted???

OK so I have been taking time off... to do silly things like

  • sell a house
  • clean a house
  • buy a house
  • think about packing (this is REALLY hard)
  • starting to go through stuff
  • cleaning house again (a couple of showings so far)
  • leaving house for showings (what to do with kids?)
  • clean house again
  • clean van out of all the stuff that has been staying in there because I have not wanted all that stuff in my clean house.
Does that seem like enough to make you forgive me for not writing? Well to tell the truth we have also been:

  • going to parks with friends (LONG times at the park.... lots of fun!)
  • going to the library
  • having play dates
  • starting to workout again (thank you Stephanie for KICKING my B*## into gear).
  • playing with the kids
  • and of course all the things that have to be done like cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, Target shopping, and did I mention cleaning????
Boy I can not wait to be in the new house... Did I tell you that I was going to have a CRAFT SPACE????? I am very excited about it!!! (I will have to share it with Mark, but still...). I can hardly wait for lots of crafting.... HAHAHHHAAAA (like that is going to happen).

Now I must get the kids in the back yard before they drive me completely nuts! (smile)

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Angela said...

sounds like you've been busier than me! did your house sell? seems to me you're keeping of good balance of crummy work and incredible fun!