Monday, April 27, 2009

Sometimes it is the simple things

Today I decided for breakfast I was going to lay down a new law. But let me back up a bit and give you an idea what b-fast is like when I am serving:

I get Ada a yogurt
E: I want a big boy yogurt! and not that one!
I get him the one he wants after I get mad and tell him to be nicer, and of course count him.

I get Ada toast (she yells because you have to wait for the toaster)
E: I want toast too with jelly, please (maybe nicer because of the look I gave him he is learning.)

I get Ada milk (she is screaming for it)
E: Can I have juice?
M: No you have to have milk first (I say this EVERY day!)

By now everyone is out of food and asking for more.
(note that I have had NOTHING and have been running the whole time, just a side note why am I not a size 8? )

There is almost always some screaming and yelling (mostly the kids, but I am sorry to have to say that sometimes it is me)

So today I decided that I would make the whole b-fast at once and they would get what the kitchen was serving. I made a plate for both of them with yogurt, cereal, toast (with jelly of course), and milk then I set a timer and said this is what is for b-fast and here is how long you have to eat. It worked and there was NO yelling (even by me;) (well except for when Ada was all done, saw the peeps and thought that I was a BAD mom for not letting her have one with b-fast.... silly girl peeks are for snack)

And because I just learned that my Dad does not read my blogs and just looks at the photos here are a couple of photos for him:

Just being silly.

I asked if I could take a photo and he said "Yes but do not put it on the blog!" But when I said OK he wanted me to put it on... I asked again today and even offered to take another one and he said I should put it up.

One more cute one from the other day at the coffee shop.

She now says "I want to go coffee shopping"

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Stephanie said...

I have so been there with the breakfast scenario. Good for you for figuring out a new way to go.

Love this pic of Ada. :)