Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nada Zip Zilch

That is what I got done on my list yesterday. But today I had a new list:
  • Clean van out (mostly just get the trash out)
  • Clean down stairs closet
  • Clean laundry room floor
  • Clean front door (Elijah and I did this and it was fun)
  • Clean linen closet ( I hope to still get to this today)
Boy that list looks mighty like yesterdays list yes? I also had a list of stuff that had to get done: (and I did all of this)
  • Take Elijah to school (even after he said he did not want to go and that he did not have to go... boy will he be surprised next year when he is in K)
  • Pick up books at the library (Stephanie has got me making a hold list at the library and some of the books are coming in... fun!)
  • Pick Elijah up from school (this is more important the dropping him off:)
  • Stop at hardware store
Then there was the list of stuff that I wish had not happened:
  • Slam Ada-Liz's hand in the door (she is OK now)
  • Yell at Elijah because we where running late
  • Change a dirty diaper just as we where trying to get out the door because we where running late.
Well that is my day. The house is a little closer to getting on the market. We are having an open house this weekend so that is a good thing.


Tutta la Storia said...

Ella always gives me a dirty diaper to change the minute I get her buckled in her car seat! Good luck with your open house!

Zoë said...

Thank you. It does always happen that way, but today I just DID NOT WANT IT TO HAPPEN!!! :)

Kari said...

So you are telling me that you don't want all of those milk cartons I've been saving for you delivered on Saturday morning??