Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Been gone and now I am back.

E was sick last week.... most of the week.... home from school sick...... fever sick... ear infection sick..... I was a little sick of him being sick sick.

The weather was wonderful so A and I spent time outside while E was on the couch.... sick.... (did I mention that he was sick?)

I got this quilt done and we all have been using it, and loving it.

At the end of the week E got better (thank God) but we had lots of caching up to do and friends that needed us over the weekend. So I did not got to blogging. (friends are more important then blogs... sorry)

I have also been working on my ladies quilt.  I am quilting it like this.  It is fun and easy to stop and start so I can do one or two flowers and then wait a couple of day (cough cough week cough) to do another one.

We have also been spending a little (read into that way to much time) watching the Decorah Eagles.  The eggs are about to hatch and it is kinda (read into that VERY) additive.

These photos are all from last week and that is why E is not in any of them .... remember he was sick on the sofa..... how many times do you think I can say sick in one blog?

I hope the eagles hatch soon and that the kids stay well so that I can come back here more.  (please cross fingers for me:)

Have a nice sick free day (just had to add one more sick in there in case there was a record that I might be able to make:).

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

great gifts

Z: No Belgian this sweater is not for you.
B: But I am sure that I could fit into it and it is so cute.

Z: But Bel my friend Kari gave that to me and it is not for you.

B: But it is a wonderfully hand knit sweater and it is just my size.
Z: I know but it is for our Christmas tree and there is NO way I am letting you wear it.

B: OK but I still think it would fit me better then it will fit the Christmas tree.

B: Well at least she made me this little blanket.
Z: (I will wait and tell her later that is really a wash cloth, also for me,.... do not want to break her heart all at once right?)

Thank you Kari.

May your life be filled with great gifts.

Monday, March 12, 2012

This Weekend

I had a GREAT time this weekend.  I took a bunch of stuff with me (and at the last min put 2 extra projects in the bag) and I got ALL of it done (well not the hand work stuff, but all the other stuff!:).  I have some photos, but not all.

I made this cute little peep bunny.  I got the pattern here.  It was easy, the directions were GREAT.

Here is a photo of what can go wrong if you let your peeps to late at night:

(lots of piercings)

Here is peep meeting Hedggie.  They think that they can make some more friends.

I have had this kit since last fall and I was really wanting to make it.  I made it on the last day of the retreat and I LOVE the way it came out.

I would not have made the inside so dark, but like I said it was a kit and I do love the fabric.

The stripes on the top where only to be on the front, but I loved them to much to not put them all the way around.  (this pattern was so easy that I can see making it again... just have to find someone that needs a bag:).

I shared a jellyroll with my friends (like 4 years ago) and this was my 1/3 of it.  Kari said that she was not going to go to coffee shops with me anymore if I kept showing up with my crafts in plastic bags (OK she did not say that, but she was kinda embarrassed the last time we met;)

Two pillow cases.  I used the burrito method and it was EASY!  (and I did french seams) The kids LOVE THEM!

I got the binding 1/2 on (ie I got the machine part done and now I am working on hand stitching it on, and by now I mean it is sitting on my lap (along with a cat) and it has a needle in it and I am thinking about working on it.)  The photo is a real close up because I only have a little done.

So are you getting sick of seeing this quilt yet?  I got the back done (below) and got it pinned.  I still LOVE it!

Cute right?????

This might be what I am most proud of this weekend!  I matched the fabrics up.  Can you see that line in the middle that looks like a wrinkle?  It is 2 fabrics that I lined up to match!  I did it 3 times on the back and it looks GREAT ( are you feeling like me hand might be a little tiered from all the patting on the back I have been doing in this blog?:)

I also worked on the back to Elijah's quilt (I did not get it done because I was short a on fabric (I fixed that on the way home.... and may or may not have got fabric for another quilt..... man I have a problem.... please do not tell anyone:).  I will show you photos soon, that also has some neat things in it.

I also worked on a little lamb for Kari, it is done and I will have to show you the photos soon.

Maybe I will even get to show you the great house that we stayed in.... man it was cool.  And the people where wonderful.

Anywho I have to go as the cat is starting to demand attention, and maybe a little girl also;)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Its done!!!!!!

I really wanted to get this top done before my quilting weekend (I leave tomorrow).

If I keep doing quilts I am going to have to find a place to put them so that I can take better photos.  Sorry about that.  But you get the general idea from the photo.

One of the things that I could not stand about this pattern is that they had me piece the umbrellas to make the outer boarders, but I did not like the idea of the umbrellas not matching where I pieced them. So I decided to put the blue blocks in the middle of the outer border and on the corners.  It was a pain in the neck (note it would not have been hard if I could have done math, but I could not so it took some creative thinking on my part.  I love creative thinking (when it works) ) but it come out cool and I love the way it looks.  I also changed they way the middle of the flowers where made.  I wanted to have the fabric from the big blocks be in the middle also, but I wanted them to have stuff in them, but not the outside pieces of the flowers, so I had to figure out where the inside was going to be when making the flowers and what was going to be the outside (man that was a long run-on sentence, sorry.)

Anywho I may not write tomorrow because I have to go grocery shopping and pack and well .... GO:)

Hope you have a good weekend.  (one more photo for the road, I think this explains why kids are named after kids;)

Think about it.... it might take a min.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The kids made this cute little snowman all by themselves.  It is a snowbaby (according to Ada) and the best kind of snowman because it is little (also according to Ada).  But happily sadly today he and ALL of his snowflake friends are GONE:).  It is 50 right now (7:30am).... oh spring (I know it will most likely snow again and get cold again, but I am going to have my dream land for today so don't give me a hard time about it... a girls gotta dream right? )

Those boots, hat, and coat did not go to school today (to warm for any of that), but that little girl did.

And that precious little hand went to school also.

And that cute little shadow with antlers also went to school.  The big shadow stayed home and went wah wah wah (not really).

Have a nice day dreaming of Spring.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The kids are outside playing lightsabers in their crocs.  It is so warm her that I am sitting on the back porch watching them (with a warm cat on my lap).  All is right with the world.

Enjoy the nice weather if you got it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

This weekend

I worked on this quilt all weekend.  This is a photo from when I set it up to see where the blocks would go.  I have all these blocks together and one boarder on.  I am having trouble with my outer boarder and am trying to work through the math (my math ability is so much better when I am with my friends (ie my friends do all my math for me... yes they are enablers and I love it)).  All and all I love this quilt and am hoping to get the top done before I leave for my quilting weekend on Friday so that I can pin it and maybe even start on the quilting this weekend.  (I am taking this and about 1/2 a million other projects... hard to decide what I should work on).

In other news we got a package from my dear friend today (the silly post office did not deliver her Christmas gifts on time;)  But I have to say that it is SUPER fun to have Christmas in March.  I can not wait to find out what is in those boxes.

Have a great day.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Snow Day

Its all snowy here.  Heavy, wet, snowy snow.  I waked up to get E because the roads where AWFUL and it was not to cold (hence the wet snow).  I am glad that I walked, but also glad that I am home. Side note I talked with someone from CA today and she said "Oh you are still getting snow there?  When does that stop?" to which I said Oh April, May, June sometimes July.... How I love the mid-west. I think I might have scared her a bit:)

Anywho, I have been working all day on this quilt:

Note I should name this quilt so that I do not have to keep showing you this same old tiered photo.

I have all the blocks done (only have to iron them), so next I will be putting them together.

I also have been working on some stuff for Cub Scouts. I have to cut 60 4x8 rectangles, iron them and sew 40 of them.  I have 2/3s of the work done. (My partner in this project, who reads this blog BTW, will be happy to hear this as we where going to do all this work instead of quilting on our craft night.)

Dreaming of a cruise.  What are you dreaming of?


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday*

*What it is not Wednesday????? Oh well then I can use words (I do love words;).

I so love this photo of Ada from a couple of weeks ago.  Is is crazy to love a photo of your child when they look all ... well all that.  This photo just makes me want to run up to school and give her a hug (and that has nothing to do with the fact that they might be getting cupcakes at school today.)

Hope you have a wonderful day.