Monday, March 12, 2012

This Weekend

I had a GREAT time this weekend.  I took a bunch of stuff with me (and at the last min put 2 extra projects in the bag) and I got ALL of it done (well not the hand work stuff, but all the other stuff!:).  I have some photos, but not all.

I made this cute little peep bunny.  I got the pattern here.  It was easy, the directions were GREAT.

Here is a photo of what can go wrong if you let your peeps to late at night:

(lots of piercings)

Here is peep meeting Hedggie.  They think that they can make some more friends.

I have had this kit since last fall and I was really wanting to make it.  I made it on the last day of the retreat and I LOVE the way it came out.

I would not have made the inside so dark, but like I said it was a kit and I do love the fabric.

The stripes on the top where only to be on the front, but I loved them to much to not put them all the way around.  (this pattern was so easy that I can see making it again... just have to find someone that needs a bag:).

I shared a jellyroll with my friends (like 4 years ago) and this was my 1/3 of it.  Kari said that she was not going to go to coffee shops with me anymore if I kept showing up with my crafts in plastic bags (OK she did not say that, but she was kinda embarrassed the last time we met;)

Two pillow cases.  I used the burrito method and it was EASY!  (and I did french seams) The kids LOVE THEM!

I got the binding 1/2 on (ie I got the machine part done and now I am working on hand stitching it on, and by now I mean it is sitting on my lap (along with a cat) and it has a needle in it and I am thinking about working on it.)  The photo is a real close up because I only have a little done.

So are you getting sick of seeing this quilt yet?  I got the back done (below) and got it pinned.  I still LOVE it!

Cute right?????

This might be what I am most proud of this weekend!  I matched the fabrics up.  Can you see that line in the middle that looks like a wrinkle?  It is 2 fabrics that I lined up to match!  I did it 3 times on the back and it looks GREAT ( are you feeling like me hand might be a little tiered from all the patting on the back I have been doing in this blog?:)

I also worked on the back to Elijah's quilt (I did not get it done because I was short a on fabric (I fixed that on the way home.... and may or may not have got fabric for another quilt..... man I have a problem.... please do not tell anyone:).  I will show you photos soon, that also has some neat things in it.

I also worked on a little lamb for Kari, it is done and I will have to show you the photos soon.

Maybe I will even get to show you the great house that we stayed in.... man it was cool.  And the people where wonderful.

Anywho I have to go as the cat is starting to demand attention, and maybe a little girl also;)


Amanda said...

I love your bunny!! Too cute! Thanks for sharing! :) I also love the bag with the leaves on it - so pretty! :)

Zoë said...

Thank you Amanda, I had so much fun doing it!